Scopes Trails

By: Maddie Posekany

Scopes Trail

The Butler Act was a 1925 Tennessee law prohibiting public school teachers from denying the Biblical account of man's origin. It was enacted as Tennessee Code Annotated Title 49 Section 1922, having been signed into law by Tennessee governor Austin Peay.

My Opinion Of The Scope Trails

During this time period people were very religious, some people don't believe in the same things so it might be different. John Thomas Scopes was a teacher in Dayton, Tennessee Who broke the laws and was charged breaking the law. I think it was a good thing he broke the act because everyone has different points of view. Many people didn't get a voice their opinions our as a prospect from the teacher you didn't get to teach what you wanted to if it had anything with evolution in it. I think this wasn't a good law because your not letting people have any say in anything unless it was something with the bible and couldn't talk about the evolution which would change many things which could cause people to turn away from this and that's not what they wanted.