Feb 8 101st Day of School! All students will need to wear black and white-we will be DALMATIANING it up! So spots, polka dots, as far as you want to go or just black and white clothing--one easy idea would be to buy a cheap black and a cheap white t-shirt, then cut holes in the white t-shirt-they will wear the black t-shirt under the holey white t-shirt-Viola! Spots! I have put together a Cruela De Vil costume (don't tell the kids!, it's a surprise), so I really need some puppies!

Feb 15 Student holiday (teachers work)

Feb 17 Spring pictures and whole class picture

Feb 19 PTA Skate night (my favorite!!)

March 2 Dr Seuss Day-dress like a favorite Dr Seuss character or wear something kinda Seussy (I'm just wearing a Dr Seuss t-shirt)

Mar 7-11 Spring Break

Mar 14-17 Second grade swim lessons

Mar 25 Good Friday- no school

Mar 29-30 4th grade STAAR writing test

April 1 Early release 12:30

April 1 Starfest 5:00

April 29 Dia de Los Ninos Day--all students will dress up in a favorite storybook character costume (start planning now) The 2nd grade teachers have BIG plans for that day!

Thank you so much to those of you that contributed gifts for our wonderful counselor Ms Sutton for counselor's day! She was so moved! She is probably the best counselor I have ever worked with and hardest working! We are truly blessed!

Another big thank you goes to our mystery reader Mrs. Spencer! We were treated to oranges, traditional red envelopes and lots of great books to help us learn all about Chinese New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy! I love bringing history, customs and culture come alive! Thank you for your time and preparation (she peeled all of the oranges for us!).

This week the kids were dropping like flies! We were down by 6 by Friday afternoon. I hope everyone rests up this weekend and we get back on track. The remaining few helped use wipies and wipe down every surface we could. I'm hoping it helps!

I still have not heard back from the swim lesson teacher about the swim shirts. I say that if we don't hear back an official work then we will go with the idea that a tight fitting, rash guard style shirt will be accepted with or over their bathing suits. I know many kids are used to wearing a shirt and will be uncomfortable without it. I know they won't allow regular t-shirts or sunscreen style shirts. So stick with a tighter, bathing suit material shirt. If I hear anything from her I will let you all know. Also, you are totally allowed to come and watch us swim. You must stay up in the upper level balconies. You are not permitted down in the bathrooms, locker rooms or by the pool. If you can only come once, come the last day, it is the best!

Don't forget the 101 coins for us to count and sort and then donate to the local animal shelter. I love these generous puppies in my class! Such big hearts!

Have a great weekend!

April McGhee


MATH- The class has done a fabulous job with the multiplication and division unit. They really impressed me! Remember to pick up some flashcards, look for an app or on line game and start working on learning them now, it will make 3rd grade that much easier. Next, we will be working on money. They will have to identify coins, count mixed groups of coins and add and subtract dollars and change with the decimal. YOU can help! Dump out your coin purse or pockets and have them practice counting mixed groups of coins. Talk about the easiest ways to do it. Your help will make this difficult concept much easier!

LANGUAGE ARTS- We have been reading up a storm. We used some short comprehension books to practice orally and writing their thinking as they read. We did some reader's theater in small groups. We have been researching penguins. We are still reading Willie Wonka. And...we read Every Now and Ben and took a comprehension test over it.

SOCIAL STUDIES- We are busy with our biography studies. This week we read Alexander Graham Bell, Betsy Ross and Susan B. Anthony. Pick their brains about these important people and their character traits.

SCIENCE- We began looking at natural resources and man made resources. We will be looking at weather, clouds and the water cycle next.