What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a super storm that begins in the ocean. These storms are huge! Some of them are over 500 miles wide! Hurricanes usually last over a week. These storms rotate. The center of the storm is called the eye. Hurricanes have heavy wind and rain. They flood the land. Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November. Hurricanes are named in alphabetical order each year. Meteorologists use a scale to tell us how severe a hurricane is. Category 5 hurricanes are the worst hurricanes and cause a lot of damage!

Hurricane Hunters

Hurricane Hunters have a dangerous job. These meteorologists fly in an airplane right into the eye of a hurricane! They use radar to study it. They send the information back to the weather station. The ride is very bumpy!

Hurricane Safety Tips

If you are near a hurricane, you should follow these safety tips below:

1- Have a plan before a hurricane happens. Have food and water available.

2- Stay away from flood areas.

3- Evacuate if you are advised to.

4- Do not come out until it is safe!