Fire Flames

Danny Lee& Seric Ross& aiden thomas

What is a wildfire

A wildfire is when fire spreads destroying trees houses and lots of other things. A wildfire can start form anything like a person not putting out there cigarette, or a person not putting out there camp fire. fires are common in forests, homes, and in grassy areas. Three interesting facts about wildfires are that 90% of fires are started by humans, they can spread from moving at the top of trees, an average of 1.2 million acres of land is burned.

How can we be prepared for a fire

We can be prepared for fires by having fire extinguishur, a fire blanket, smoke alarms, and if you are on fire stop drop and roll, and a safety kit.

Impact on humans

How fire can impact People

Fires have a negative impact because they can destroy many peoples homes, and it can destroy natural habitats. Wildfire is a human cause because humans start it. It can also be positive because it can renew soil, and with out them many forests would decline in landscape, helps get ride of dead things.
Raw Video: Wildfire Forces Evacuations in N.M.