PTA Newsletter

Thursday 10th January 2019

Greetings from Kennedy School PTA Chair!

Dear Kennedy,

A very happy 2019 to all of you! At the outset, I want to extend a very grateful and heartfelt thanks to all our lovely parents for your very generous support to the PTA always!

The committee is all geared up for another great term at school, and is happy to offer a fresh round of our very well received Coffee Mornings and events to you! Please look out for our ever popular Garage Sale, Bollywood Night (this time for the kids too on popular demand), Comedy Night, and more!

As I have said earlier, the PTA is only as good as the parents make it, so we look forward to your continuous support in further enhancing the educational environment for our children, and a whole lot of fun in the next few months. Do feel free to come back to us with any suggestions or feedback at any time!

Warm wishes,
Aparna Kanda

Hot lunches - 2 week trial starting Monday 13th January!

As mentioned in our end of year newsletter, Kennedy is pleased to be joining with The New Luncher to trial a daily hot lunch delivery. Please look at the links and contact them DIRECTLY if you would like more information.

All admin and communications are to be done DIRECTLY with The New Luncher themselves.

Their hotline number is - 2870 2190.

Things to be mindful of when ordering

- you need to book a lunch at least 4 days in advance.

- there are three yummy options each day: Asian, Western and Vegetarian. Its best to sit down with the children when picking options so they are not too surprised when lunch arrives!

- although there is a "snack option" the food is delivered ready for lunchtime and NOT snack! Therefore you will still have to send the children in with something for their mid-morning break.

- don't forget to pack their cutlery! Disposable items are not included for environmental reasons!

- if the children have a hot lunch they will NOT be able to go to Stanley Ho that day. Please do let them know you have ordered for them!

- if your child is sick or on a school trip, you will need to contact The New Luncher directly - not school (regarding lunch!). Please do not order food on days where the children are out of school for trips. Its down to you, not the school to look through the diary of events.

You are not obliged to order every day, so why not give it a try and see what you think!

PTA Events!

We had a hugely busy and successful first term - thanks again for all your support.

This term, we are looking forward to enjoying more fantastic events including the Kennedy School Community Fair. If you do have a small business and you think you might want to be involved in the fair do drop me an email at


School Bus - After school activities

After school activities for this term are starting.

*Please ensure that you let the PTA Office know which days your child will not be on the school bus due to an after school activity*

Please advise:

  • Your child's name
  • Their bus number
  • Which day/s they will not be on the afternoon bus
  • The after school activity that they will be doing

Contact us

Mrs. Rebecca Priest
PTA Office Manager

Buses & Uniform

Mrs. Vicki Rummun

PTA Events & Fundraising

UNIFORM SHOP open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 10:30am