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Equipping Directors in the South Sound

South Sound Director TouchPoint Call: Fall 2016 - CORRECTED LINK

(I apologize that the link for Friday was not correct in the other email - I have fixed it.)

Time to touch base! I look forward to talking with you. Please pick one of these phone calls to attend. It will be no more than 1 hour long. Please CLICK one of these to register to attend:

South Sound Director TouchPoint Call: Fall 2016

Monday, Oct 3, 2016 2:30 PM PDT

Friday, Oct 7, 2016 4:00 PM PDT

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Self Eval: Challenge Level Discussion Time

The goal of the Challenge classes is to provide an opportunity for students to discuss with each other the topics they are learning about. Your job is facilitator. You know all this - but how is it actually going in your classes?? You are well into the year now and you definitely have a pulse on the temperament of your class. Here are some questions to ask yourself to self-evaluate your class discussion time.

  • How much are YOU talking? Are you giving over the job of conversation to the students or are you still controlling it? In ChA & B, Directors are still guiding the conversations fairly closely. But in ChI and up, the directors should be quiet for an increasing percentage of the day. How much are you asking the questions, summarizing, drawing conclusions, or commenting on what students have said?

  • (Esp Ch II, III, & IV) Are you assigning student discussion leaders? If you do, then make them lead the whole time. Don’t step in to rescue.

  • When students talk, are they looking at you or at each other? If they are all looking at you, figure out how to channel the conversation toward the students. Try sitting off to the side or slightly outside the circle.

  • When you ask a question, are the students just answering it and then there is silence? Perhaps you are asking too many questions and not allowing conversation.

  • Are you allowing silence? It's hard. But try it. Watch a clock and wait FIVE or TEN WHOLE MINUTES. It may take a few weeks, but the students WILL step up to the plate.

If you identify with any of these points, I would be happy to strategize with you. I could also put you in contact with another director who could give you some tips.

DLG Highlight

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Directors initiate face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication with parents on a regular basis. Once a week (every 3–7 days) for new parents and at least every other week (every 10–14 days) for established relationships.

  • The primary opportunity for this communication is the program day.
  • The value-added communication, not just a quick hello, always provides an opportunity for feedback and an exchange between the Director and parent.
  • Directors use the communication opportunities to encourage parents to continue their child’s classical education in Classical Conversations Challenge programs. Specifically, Directors should invite parents to visit the next Challenge level and dialogue with either the Director or Support Representative.

FE - Checking in as the Year Gets Underway

How are your communities going? How are your tutors? Now that you are a few weeks in, make sure to be checking in with your families.

- Are tutors feeling overwhelmed as they have increasing review material?
- Are they keeping to stick in the sand? Even in ESS? Sticking to the guides?
- Are the ESS families coming with IEW papers and able to participate in discussions about charts? This is a good guage of how well mom is able to lead at home.
- Have you had a connection with each family in your community? Enough that you have a feel for how their year has started out?

CC Monthly Email Links

Have you recieved the email this month for your particular program? This is a great rundown of major points in your program. It also covers upcoming webinars and resources.

If you are not recieving them, please email Caleb Skogen to get on the email list.

September Monthly Mentor Emails


Essentials (Directors can forward this on to their ESS Tutors)

Challenge A

Challenge B

Challenge I

Challenge II

Challenge III

Challenge IV







Jennifer Slemmer

Support Representative, Thurston and SW Pierce County

My greatest desire is to build strong communities that empower parents, encourage students, and help families know God and Make him known! I will do my part to reach out to you to offer support, training, and resources, but I hope you will come to me for support and encouragement as well.

Director Listing


F/E: Denise Charles,

East Olympia:

F/E: Amy Johnson,

Tanwax (Eatonville )

F/E: Jo Ell Best,

Challenge A: LIsa Mutart,

Challenge B: Jessie Mitchell,


F/E: Rachel Mboob,

Challenge A: Carline Dally,


F/E: Kimberly Newton,

Challenge A: Kerri Vincent,

Challenge B: Val Brase,

Challenge I: Jenny Fitch,

Challenge II: Rachel Benincasa,

Challenge IV: Michelle Townley,

West Olympia

F/E: Claudia Matthews,

Challenge A: Renee Michelle Kirk,

Challenge B: Melissa Rubert,

Challenge I: Ralph Dally,

Challenge II: Cathy Barbuto,

Challenge III: Wendi Billington,