Vibrio cholerae (bacterial)


Could be describes as a gram-negative bacilli bacteria with a comma shaped body and a flagellum for movement. It is not transmissable but it is contagious the way this bacteria can be picked up is by not having clean drinking water its usually found in food/water that has been contaminated by feces.
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Some symptoms are rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, thirst, muscle cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Cholera is treatable even in severe cases. There is a vaccine that can prevent cholera but it only protects about 50% of those who get it which is why it its not recommended. Antibiotics are given to help reduce the spread of the disease. There are always other ways to prevent the disease by making your own clean water by boiling it on your own.


This bacterial disease is mostly found in areas of poor condition that lack clean water and food which are contaminated with feces. Most Cholera disease was have been reported from countries like Angola, Burundi, and Congo which are found in Africa.