A Computer

The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small, single-board computer mainly used for computer science education. You can do many cool things with it. You just have to plug it into your computer, your monitor, your mouse and your keyboard. Then, you can use it as regular computer!

Why the Raspberry Pi is a Computer

The Raspberry Pi is a computer because it has an input system, an output system and a data processor system. You can use it just like you would use another computer.

What are the Input and Output Connections on the Pi?

  • The input connections are the mouse and the keyboard that you plug into the pi. You do this so you are able to input things (type things into it and click icons etc.) and use it as a computer.

  • The output connection is the monitor that you connect to the
    Raspberry Pi . You connect it so you can see what you are doing on the computer. What you type into the keyboard and what you click on with the mouse will come up on the computer monitor.
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What Operating system is used for the Raspberry Pi?

  • The operating system that most people use with the Pi is the Raspbian OS (operating system) however, you can use other operating systems inluding the Ubuntu MATE and the Fedora.
  • Raspbian OS is the default Linux OS which the Raspberry Pi organization provides for the users. It is a free OS based on Debian (for Raspberry Pi).
  • Raspbian provides more than a regular OS. This is because it comes with over 35,000 packages and pre-compiled software in a format that is easy to install on your Raspberry Pi.

The cool things you can do with your rasberry pi...

There are many cool things you can do with your Raspberry Pi!
You can:
  • Open up the scratch browser and play on it- create games
  • Hook it up to your tv- you can search the web
  • Play games like minecraft
You can even do something super cool like turning your Pi into a Gaming machine/device!!!!! (but it is really hard to do and takes quite a long time)

popular Definitions to do with the Raspberry Pi

The most important terms include:
  • Server- a computer or device on a network that manages network resources

  • Client- an application that runs on a personal computer or workstation and relies on a server to perform some operations

  • Computer Network- a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources.

  • IP address- an identifier for devices on a TCP/IP network. Networks using TCP/IP route messages based on the IP address of the destination.

  • Static IP address- a computer user's address that stays the same permanently or for a long time.

  • LAN- a local computer network for communication between computers