Gregory S Downs


Gregory S Downs is a professional mechanical engineer who applies mathematics to his work in order to create efficient tools and machines. Gregory says that the key to doing well in the world of engineering is to remain studious, and don't be afraid to crack a few books every once in a while to get things done. Gregory says that the life of an engineer is one of constant learning, improving your knowledge and expertise in order to make better and bigger machinery. Gregory says studying has gotten him this far.

Gregory S Downs: Tending Nature

Gregory S Downs is an avid lover of nature. He works hard on and off the clock, whether he is at home looking after his children, dog, and wife, or at the office. Many times Gregory's demanding life has tested both his patience and stamina. Gregory quickly found that the best way to renew these things, were to participate in hobbies that you enjoyed. That is when he decided to pick up gardening. Some people are nurturing by nature, Gregory is one of those people. Gregory believes taking care of the many plants in his garden is very similar to taking care of the engineering team that he leads.

Both require attentive care, and an understanding of their needs. Gregory says that gardening is a kind of stress-free engineering, one that's consequences aren't nearly as dire if one makes a mistake. At the same time, gardening offers its own unique challenges, keeping it engaging, yet stress-less. Gregory believes this kind of therapy is essential for anyone, especially if they are in the engineering field.

Gregory S Downs finds a tranquility in his garden. There the plants he cares for and foster grow. He says that plants are similar to children as well. That they grow according to the hand that helps mold them. Gregory says that we can learn much from gardening. Gardening teaches us patience, to have a soft hand. Gardening forces someone to think about the needs of something else, instead of one’s self. This is why gardening is one of Gregory's favorite hobbies, and you will often find him wandering around his garden in his spare time.

Gregory S Downs: Stock Broker

Gregory S Downs is a professional mechanical engineer that specializes in the aviation field. Gregory has accumulated much experience in the industry, but says that he has many other interest as well, personal and professional. Gregory says that he has been very interested lately in the business side of things, stock trading specifically. As an engineer, Gregory has always been fascinated by the way things work, and he says that the social engineering involved in the stock market is equally amazing as finding out the frame of an airplane or calculating velocity. It is for that reason that Gregory recently got his stock trading license, so that he could actively participate on a professional level in the stock market.

Gregory says that the stock market and engineering are surprisingly similar, as they are both fields that rely heavily upon mathematics and understanding the intrinsic behavior of certain systems. Gregory says that the only difference in the two is the human element, which does not exist in engineering. Gregory says that working with stocks is so intriguing because it requires you to quantify human behavior, which is next to impossible, but also amazing in its implications if it is possible. This is already done to a certain extent with many different formulas, but each broker is looking for the bigger and better method.

Gregory S Downs says that innovation in the stock market is very similar to innovations in the engineering field because they both are very number based. Gregory says that numbers and math is amazing as they seem capable of representing any system, including the stock market. Gregory says that this is amazing because math as a concept can help to accurately represent a very complex exchange of properties and factors and variables.

Gregory S Downs - Innovations

Gregory S Downs is a professional mechanical engineer that specializes in the aviation field, something he has always been passionate about. Gregory says that he has always been fascinated with aviation, ever since he was a child watching planes roar by overhead. Gregory says that it is these memories of his childhood that stand out the most, and that his inquisitive mind led him towards the engineering field. When Gregory watched those planes fly by, he wondered quietly to himself just how exactly they accomplished that, and then, a mechanical engineer was born. Ever since that time Gregory has been studying furiously, devouring textbooks on the subject matter for years, becoming a true leader in the field. Gregory has even been at the epicenter of many innovations for the engineering world during his employment with Boeing, a prominent aviation company. Gregory has helped to create, design, and install one of the heaviest galley's known to the industry. This innovation allows for larger planes to be created to accommodate a heavier and larger pay load. Gregory says that these innovations are possible because of the strengthening of basic materials as well as a more indepth understanding of the mathematics and behavior of structures. Gregory says that the future of aviation is even more exciting, as meta-materials are on the horizon, man made materials that are designed to be light and durable, perfect for sustained flight.

Gregory S Downs says that the innovations that he has helped create has kept Boeing on the cutting edge of the industry. Professionals like Gregory use their indepth understanding of the field, their experience, as well as their inherent creativity to help develop the industry. Gregory says that they keep moving forward, and that he is excited to see what awaits on the horizon for the aviation industry.