The Kitten and the Dog

Sahar Baha

Once there was a kitten named Cinnamon and a dog named Doug. The kitten was a very young and adventurous and always got in trouble. As for the dog Doug was very old and lonely, for it had no one to keep it company besides the kitten, Cinnamon. Whenever Cinnamon got in trouble Doug was the only one that could bail Cinnamon out, but he always chose not to. Both, Cinnamon and Doug lived as a stray dog and a stray kitten.

Then one day Cinnamon was taken out for adoption and was taken away, as for Doug he didn’t care, for he thought that Cinnamon was an annoying pest. Then a couple of months flew by and Doug was still a stray dog. Then later on Doug started to become sad as he missed Cinnamon and wanted Cinnamon to come back. This made life depressing for the old dog, while Cinnamon was having a great time with her new owner she still missed Doug and hoped to see him again. Doug kept on thinking “I am such a terrible friend that little kid loved me and I hated him”. “He also thought I should’ve taken life for granted and be nice to the kid while I could”. Later on Doug became depressed and tragically passed away.

The Moral of my fable is to never take life for granted.