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Top 5 Picks for My Elementary School

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The following eResources are the top 5 resources that I would like to use more often in my elementary school library. I have used Linoit a few times, but would like to use it more. I have used VoiceThread in the classroom, but I would like to use it in the library for book clubs and book discussions in general. Thinglink is a favorite because the students get to be engaged as they create their captures and as they view captures by their classmates. Kahoot is a favorite eResource of the students. We use it for surveys, quizzes, and games. I modified a a favorite game, "Would You Rather...?" and the students were hooked. They used the tool in class to design their own surveys. Finally, ChatterPix is especially a favorite of kindergarten and 1st grade students.


ChatterPix is another favorite eResource of the students. It's our youngest students' answer to Blabberize. Students can use their iPads to take a picture of an animal, stuffed animal, a drawing, book cover, etc. They then draw a mouth on the object and do a voice recording. They can add accessories to the object. After doing research on groundhogs and drawing a picture of groundhogs, students were able to bring their groundhogs to life. Several students have used characters from books to do book reviews.

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