3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (Janurary 29 ,2016)

Animal Specialty Books

We will start specialty research next week and my hope is they will be returned home February 5th.

Dad's Club Day at Eagle

Our wonderful Bathroom PBL group has a big project going with the Eagle Dad's club on Saturday, February 6th. Our PBL group has presented colors to the school for them to vote, organized and communicated the results, and worked with Dad's Club and Mrs. Squier to come up with a design to improve the bathrooms. ALL of the work will be done :) by Eagle Dad's Club on February 6th. Please consider volunteering this day to help out! I'm sure there has been information in the Eagle newsletter about this as well! I will be attending a reading workshop at Butler that day so will not be able to attend. Thank you in advance for supporting our PBL group- Alina, Jameson, Macey, and Will

3rd Grade Idiom Day

We will participate in 3rd grade Idiom Day on February 19th at 2:30. This event will be held in the cafe and open to families. Each student will create a costume at home and present their idiom to the audience. :) This weekend, your child will need to complete the Canvas assignment titled Idiom Sign Up Form in order to choose their top three idioms. I will communicate their idiom to them next week.

Google Expeditions

What fun!! This past Thursday students in grades 2-4 had the opportunity to use Google Cardboard glasses to take virtual expeditions! Our class virtually travelled to various U.S. Monuments in addition to experiencing underwater life, taking a tour of Kennedy Space Center, and getting close to the sharks that inhabit Australia. Many thanks to Jessica Miller (STEM teacher) who brought Google Expeditions to our school.

Valentine's Day Party

We will have a Valentine's Day party on Feb. 12th and will exchange Valentines.

Mareah, Jameson, Will, William, Mustafa, Alina, Jack H., Leo, Megan, Macey, Luke, Owen, Caleb, Jayson, Estella, Hannah, Reagan, Nunu, Grace, Jack P., Alina, Elly, John

What we have been up to....

Readers Workshop

We love biographies!! We learned that biographies are about subjects, not characters. Also, you need to ready biographies like informational text, stopping and asking yourself what you just read, asking to understand about specific vocabulary and content, noticing subject's struggles, hardships, traits that affect their decisions, and comparing their relationships with others and how it influenced their life. We will continue next week! Key vocabulary words this week were- biography, motivation, challenge, achievement, awards/honors, education, crucial time, and social issue.


We have one Canvas assignment this week and will have another assignment next week. When I assign a digital assignment, the students have two nights to complete and should be typed by them. :) Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Word Study

This week we worked on possessive nouns.


We finished our persuasive writing essay and began typing today. I am SO PROUD of their efforts with this piece of writing! You will be impressed. :)

Social Studies

We started Unit 2, Celebrating Cultures. Vocabulary words were sent home Friday and we will have a vocabulary quiz next Friday, February 5th.

Math and Science


STUDY FACTS!! A few minutes each night makes a big difference. Please ask your child what facts they need to study. We’ll have a Mad Minute on Monday.

We are nearing the end of unit 6. A couple of days this week I squeezed in two lessons. I really want to get through units 7 and 8 before the end of February as ISTEP is nearing closer. I’m planning on having our unit 6 math test next Friday. I will send home a study guide on Monday with the kids. Topics covered next week include symmetry, congruent shapes, polyhedrons, and 3-D shapes. We have our prefix quiz on Tuesday.

Next week I will also start putting a Canvas math problem up for the kids to solve and explain how they solved it. It’s going to be very important that the kids are able to EXPLAIN how they solved a problem on ISTEP. Canvas is a great place to start practicing.


We’ve completed our unit covering light and now will start our unit over natural resources.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.