Mohonasen Administrator's Bulletin

January 16, 2015

It's hard to believe we're almost half way through the year already. We'll continue to work on the goals for the year highlighting the focus on academic excellence. The work going on at building and departmental levels is dense and messy, but the conversations about teaching and learning, and the shifts we're starting to see in classrooms are worth the effort. We've added modeling the use of technology ourselves as part of this, which is a huge learning curve right now. I'll admit that most times I feel intimidated by the sheer volume & quickly changing pace of what's "out there" in technology and its applications, but hopefully with a framework to view it through, it becomes less daunting for us all. In this bulletin you'll find a great link from Education Week to videos and an article on using technology as a resource and instructional tool. It fits into the SAMR framework we discussed in our administrative meeting, so keep that in mind as you read the article/watch the videos. We're also starting to use OLAS again to advertise and have candidates submit applications online for job vacancies in the district, so as vacancies come up, we'll touch base on the accessing the OLAS system again.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday January 21 3:10 K-5 Report Card Committee; Bradt Library

Monday January 26-Thursday January 29 Regents Week HS

Monday January 26 7:00 Board of Education Meeting; HS LGI

Presentations: Kindergarten overview; Science Enrichment

Wednesday January 28 3:15 District Conference Room, PDP Committee

Monday February 9 7:00 Board of Education Meeting; HS LGI

Presentations: Goals update, Regents Changes, UHS, Athletic Participation Survey

Tenure portfolio presentations after the BOE meeting for Allain, Geyer, Mathieu

Tuesday February 10 3:15 Administrator Meeting District Conference Room

Check out the link above to an interactive article which has great video showing how K-3 teachers are using technology in a PA school.

BOE Mid Year Goals: The template to use to complete the goals update is on our googleclassroom. Please submit your mid year update there electronically as an assignment. We will have a BOE workshop on 2/9, similar to the one in the fall.


Test Maps/Blueprint work: In addition to sharing the test maps or blueprints you create with Kathleen and I, you should email them to Jenn Borgioli, our consultant, to get additional feedback. Make sure to send a copy of the test or assessment with the test map or blueprint. Please cc me on the email. Part of our work with her this year is to get direct feedback on these documents.

Teaching Is Core Grant Update:

Phase I is complete. We audited our assessments K-12. We conducted student focus groups, teacher surveys examined SLO pre-assessments, classroom observations, unit plans, classroom assignments & curriculum maps. Total number of artifacts analyzed= 272

Findings: We are strong in formative and summative assessments with a focus on recall and some product/demonstration. K-12 we need to strengthen assessments with regard to differentiation and diagnostic/pre-assessments.

Phase II Action plan: now-Sept 2015

Additional teachers will be trained and design a template for district use for SLO pre-assessments. Work by grade/content area will occur in district as turnkey/followup training.

We'll eliminate solely multiple-choice pre-assessments.We'll revise pre-assessments. We'll design preassessments with focus on strengthening demonstration & process. We' ll need to work on developing post-assessments that also meet these guidelines throughout next year.

STLE3 Grant Update:

Check out the teacher leader video to see what they've been doing.

Teachers are completing their professional development videos & are eager to share. Please check in with them to see how you can incorporate their topics into building level initiatives. I will get our administrative group access to view so you can see them. The focus of the second half of the year will be more hands on teacher leadership training with Catherine Snyder.

New STLE D Grant:

This is another leadership grant, but it's focused on principals. Dave, Scott and Tim will be participating from our district. The grant is focused on the following outcomes:

  • Providing participation in a professional learning community

  • Provide professional discourse around the MPPR and Marshall performance systems

  • Create learning around the ISLLC

  • Further develop capacity to use data to inform instructional decisions

  • Foster networking for principals in the area

We're looking forward to them sharing their additional information with us throughout the grant.

Please remember to send your academic blurbs to Adrienne for the academic portion of the new website.

Have a great weekend!