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Students Return Edition

Return to In-Person Learning

Student Return: As you know, the board voted to bring students back in person beginning April 5th. This newsletter is dedicated to providing you with as much information as possible to allow you to make an informed decision regarding your choice of whether to bring your child back or remain in remote learning. Below are highlights of that decision:

  • Students who have selected to return will do so 4 days a week. All students, regardless of their selection, will learn from home remotely on Wednesdays.
  • Parents only need to call IF you wish to change your selection.
  • Parents have beginning today until this Wednesday at 4pm, to make their learning selection.
  • If you do not call, your previous selection will remain in place (remote will remain remote; hybrid will default to in person; if you did not make a selection the first time-you will default to in-person return).

In-Person vs Remote: What choice is best for me?

How many students will be in the building?

  • At this point it's hard to tell, we had 400 elect for returning for hybrid learning and we expect those numbers to increase drastically. Our school population is 725 students total.

What will the school day look like?

  • The school day will depend on 2 main factors: How many students elect to return in person and what Wyandotte County Health order protocols will be for schools at that time.

What will be changed about the school day?

  • A lot and a little: Movement will be more limited, seating charts will be used in every area of the building. What classes are allowed to do will be modified (Choir, Band, PE, Art, etc.).
  • Students may rotate to all classes or they may only be able to rotate to 4 classes, that will depend on the local health order for schools.
  • Breakfast and lunch will still occur, but will look different due to social distancing guidelines.

What About School Supplies-

All students should bring their school supplies: It is vital that your child bring school supplies, this includes the following:
  • Their Chromebook must be charged and brought to school daily, they will also take it home with them each night.
  • Your child should bring their own pencils, pens, markers, etc that they received in distribution. If they are an art student, they must bring their art kit supplies they received.
  • Students should bring their backpacks but will need to carry it with them from class to class, they should house their Chromebook and supplies in their backpack.
  • Students should bring their notebooks and paper they received.

To help with COVID protocols, students will not be able to borrow supplies from their teacher. We have supplied teachers with some extra supplies to provide students, but families should consider investing in a backpack with room for a Chromebook, pencil pouches, notebooks, etc. and the rest of their supplies.

What about my child's schedule?

There is a strong probability that student's teachers and schedules will change. This is due to a number of reasons outlined below:
  • Movement requirements: We have 7 periods in a day (including FA) current guidelines only allow for 4 class changes. If this remains in place, we will need to combine some periods to meet these regulations. A simple example to demonstrate: Combining 1st hour and FA would remove 1 class change, we would need to then remove 2 more to meet the guidelines.
  • Student choice selection: Depending on the numbers of students who select a certain type of learning and their teacher it may not be possible for a class to remain the same. i.e. If 23 of Mr. Jewett's 1st hour class decides remote, he would help lessen another classes in-person students by taking some in his class.
  • Student learning: Our goal is to ensure that teachers do not teach in-person and remote simultaneously. To ensure teachers are able to give attention to the students in front of them, we will work to adjust our schedule so students who elect remote, will only have a teacher focused on them and vice versa.

What if there is a COVID case?

  • The county will not automatically shut down a school
  • We will work with the county and district health departments to follow the procedures outlined by them, in accordance with the CDC to conduct contact tracing.
  • This highlights the importance for students to continuously wear their mask, set up their desk shields, and follow safety protocols within the building and while out in the community.
  • As protocols are more clearly developed and outlined by the county and district, those will be added to information that will be shared with you.

What about SB235, What is SB235?

SB 235 is a state bill that would require schools to offer in-person learning beginning March 26th. There are not a lot of details about the bill that is currently making its way through the state legislature. If you want to read about the bill (it's very short), and track its progress, follow this link.

  • We do not know the scope of the bill and its impact. Best guess is that we would accelerate our plans from April 5th to March 26th, but there is also discussion about The Local Control districts were given during the pandemic and whether would supersede the bill.
  • There is a meeting in the state today about the bill, we will be following its progress and listening for information about it.

Important Dates

Upcoming dates:

  • March 3rd-4pm: All parent's who want to change their selection must do so by this time.
  • April 5th: This is the day students who selected it, will return to the building for in-person learning.
  • March 22-April 2nd: Modified schedule: To prepare our building for in-person return, allow teachers to plan and set up for mitigation in their rooms, to practice scenarios and what staff are expected to do to keep students safe, and ensure every area of our building has the safety protocols in place and all adults are fluent in their knowledge of them, we will modify the daily schedule during this time.

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