Pretty Little Liars

Flawless - Only Beauty is Skin Deep

Alison DiLaurentis

Alison was the most popular, prettiest, and boldest girl at Rosewood Day. She was the queen bee and all the boys loved Ali, with her blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She could control everyone because she knew all their secrets. Her life was perfect until one night at her 'Summer Kickoff Sleepover', when she ran out of the barn and was murdered. She went missing for many years until recently having her body found underneath the Dilaurentis's 20 person gazebo.

Hannah Marin

Hannah is now one of the most popular girls in school,alongside her bestfriend Mona Vanderwal. She struggles with bulimia after being teased over her appearance, even though she is very skinny. Before Allison's murder in the 7th grade, she was the chubby-awkward one of the group who struggled to always be like Ali. Her parents divorced and she rarely sees her father, or even wants to see him, after he married his new wife Isabel.

Aria Montgomery

Aria recently moved back to Rosewood, after living in Iceland for a year, and is unable to get away from her ex-bestfriends death. Before Ali died, they found her father in the backseat of his car with a student. He's making her keep it secret from her mom, but it's just getting harder and harder to keep her from finding out. Also before school started, Aria hooked up with her teacher and still has feelings for him throughout the school year.

Emily Fields

Emily is the the athletic girl of the clique and the captain of the school's swim team. She has been hiding her feelings for Ali since the 7th grade, but 'A' just let out her secret of liking girls. She's had a secret relationship with Maya, whom her parents don't approve, and sent to Iowa to live with her cousins because of it. After running away from home in Iowa and making her way back to Rosewood, her parents accept her for who she is and is allowed to live with them again.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer is one of the smartest girls in Rosewood and is very competitive. She will do almost anything to get good grades and be successful. Spencer suffers from memory loss which creates gaps in finding the cause of her best friend's death. Her and her sister Melissa are always fighting for attention from their parents, boyfriends and getting better grades/accomplishments.

Flawless - Plot

Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily are still getting threatening text from 'A'. Whatever 'A' tells them to do; they do, or else they'll have their secrets told and possibly worst can happen.

Spencer has stolen her sisters boyfriend, again, and is having to keep it secret from her family since she's already in trouble for seeing him before.

Emily and Aria are also having relationship issues. Emily has fallen in love with her new friend Maya and she happens to like Emily back. Aria still has feelings for her AP English teacher and can tell he still likes her too.

Then there's Hanna. She's struggling to stay popular with everything that's going on and it's just making her sick.

Flawless - Setting

The book series takes place at a suburban town in Pennsylvania named Rosewood. It's a 'perfect town' with 'perfect houses' and 'perfect yards'. The typical teen living there is tan, rich, has long hair, and plays lacrosse/field hockey. Most students go to a private school called Rosewood Day and they wear a uniform of a blazer and plaid skirt (girls) or khakis (boys).