My six impossible things

Siann Boustead

The Mission

In class we have been reading a book called "Six impossible things". It is about a boy called Dan who has recently had a big life changing moment, because of this moment he has made a list of things that will help him and his mother cope. In class we have to make a list of our six impossible things.

Information about me

Teacher - Mrs Bedggood Class - Line 5, English Date - 27th of May, 2013

Impossible task no.1

Earn enough money to buy a decent phone! Right now i have a crappy LG. Even my sister who is in year 6 has a better phone than me. Like really, she probably does not even know what Google is. I guess an iPhone 6 would just cut it.

Impossible task no.2

Improve on my basketball skills so i can get into premier. Currently I am in A grade which is second best. I do not want to be a famous basketball er but it would be cool to be known as ,The Premier Basketball er.

Impossible task no.3

Meet some famous people before i die (which includes Ellen, of course) .So far I have met a supposedly famous person called Michael Nyman (exactly you probably have not heard of him) who my parents call inspiring but they clearly do not know anything about my generation.

impossible task no.4

BUY A HORSE! I really like horse riding and I do it every Wednesday. My sister and I live for horses and really enjoy working with them (but NOT cleaning the poo like seriously who wants to do that). But it also includes saving money, which kind of rules out Impossible task no.1.

impossible task no.5

Get a sponsor child.

My family and i currently do not sponsor a child but we do give money if something like a natural disaster or a man made one, for example; like with tornado in America recently or if there was an oil spill that was effecting the quality of drinking water we would pay for people to go in and clean it up. It would be good to give back.