Tightening gun laws

By: Chris Salas

Guiding question

Should gun laws be tightened?


Gun laws should not be tightened, because even if you tighten gun laws the bad people can still get the guns illegally. They can get the guns at first and be fine but then turn crazy later so it wont matter if the gun laws are tightened so it will be a waste of time.

Background information

The reason most people started to want and tighten the gun laws is because of the recent shootings. Since the shootings people have been wanting to tighten the gun laws so that there are less shootings. The problem with wanting to get tighter gun laws is there are people who don't want tighter gun laws making it harder. Not only are there people against it but there is a amendment saying we have the right to bare arms. Since we have that amendment it is harder to get the laws tightened.

How does gun laws effect people?

"When a Florida pediatrician asked the same question - Do you have guns in the home?" - during a checkup in 2010, the reply from a mother of three was sharp: None of your business. She objected to the query as very invasive," complaining to her local newspaper, Whether I have a gun has nothing to do with the health of my child." it effected the woman because it made her mad because he asked.

"Sixty days after my application is processed, I'll be able to carry a concealed weapon in no fewer than 32 states. It's great for road trips."it effects him because 60 days later he will be able to carry his gun.

Who do the gun laws effect?

"Over the last two decades, Utah's concealed-carry permit has emerged as a de facto national ID for handgun owners." it is effecting the people of Utah.

" It typifies a new era of arming Americans in public: 40 states now recognize some or all out-of-state permits, and 8 have made it legal in all or some circumstances to carry a concealed handgun without any permit at all." It effects the 8 states that made it legal.

Why should gun laws not be tightened?

"The result has been a boom in out-of-state residents seeking permits and the birth of a cottage industry catering to them. As of June, nonresidents held more than 60 percent of Utah's 473,476 valid concealed-carry permits." If they tighten the gun laws it will be bad for Utah.

"Consider what the N.R.A. has accomplished. Just a few decades ago, even loyal conservatives rejected the idea that the Second Amendment protected an individual right to bear arms, as opposed to the states' prerogative to raise militias. In 1990, the retired Supreme Court chief justice Warren Burger, a Nixon nominee, dismissed the idea as a "fraud." Yet in 2008, the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller ruled that the individual right to bear arms was no fraud, but a constitutional right." it show that the right to bear arms is not a fraud but a right.

where do the gun laws take place?

"The United States has a much higher homicide rate than just about any other highly developed country, and it also has much more civilian gun ownership. Further, within the U.S., the simplest analysis--the type journalists can do, using data that are readily available online--reveals tight correlations between states’ gun deaths and factors such as gun ownership and gun-control laws." the gun laws take place it the U.S. .

"Among the petition's five goals, it calls upon Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, to mount a "concerted effort to use his executive authority to override the "gun-free zone" loophole being exploited by the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio." it takes place in Cleveland Ohio.

why are gun laws bad?

"That’s a seductive line of reasoning--especially in the wake of horrifying, high-profile incidents such as the recent mass shooting in Colorado Springs--but it’s false. In fact, the United States’ overall high rate of homicide is largely explained, perhaps entirely explained, by problems unrelated to gun ownership. There are policies concerning gun ownership that could reduce homicide, but the reductions would most likely be modest." the gun laws wont really help and will just make people mad making things bad.

"The principal objection to tough gun laws is that they violate the Second Amendment. Opponents of gun control cite the 2008 Heller decision as proof that the Supreme Court agrees." gun laws are bad because they violate the second amendment.

Counter argument

People may think that loose gun laws lead to slayings of people and shootings but that is the result of people's minds. Guns have nothing to do with it. People kill people, guns don't kill people. If gun laws are tightened it may lead people to a rebel attitude and lead to even more shootings. If we let gun laws be as if they are and instead preach mental evaluations for gun owners, shooting numbers may decline.
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