Toronto has some of the best stuff you ever seen!!!!!

drive right in to toronto's food

Do you like food? Then come on down to Chef Canada. Come on down to the best restaurant in town. The menu at a small cafe it is just like what you eat at home. The best restaurant people like is Chez Canada. Do you like french food than go to the cafe in canada. Do you like what you see come on down to toronto Canada

Do you like canada's museums and historical

In 1893 baron, Stanley of pristine, the governor general of canada was born at that date. Did you know that canada joined Asia and North American, canada is not know when they first came to North America. When the 13 colonies in North America rules our British laws

Do you like cool stuff in canada well it is here

Nigeria Falls is a must see place in Canada, Toronto's irish roots are a must go see place. Toronto has a big maple tree must go see. Toronto has the most coolest building in canada you it is called CN Tower must go see it
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Awesome land marks and historical sights

do you want to see historical sights and landmarks. canada museum is very large and it has a long historical row. Than after dark and go see the most beautiful light show you have ever seen. Canada has one of the best park to see if you go you will have a good time at the park

Canadas awesome languages to speak

Canada's speaks some of the different languages. Canada's speaks French and american. The main language in canada is English and French. other main languages is Dutch and island

Canadas climate and weather

Do you like cold weather? Then come to Canada. Some times it is hot and humid in Canada during the summer. but some summers are nice and cold and hot.
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Introduction to Canada

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