Who Cut the Cheese?

Review by: Annabel Shue

By Jo Nesbo

458 pages

Follow your peers in dangerous situations!


On a snowy day in Oslo, Norway, Nilly and Lisa go to school and see footprints outside that don't look like human footprints. They enter their band room, they notice on a banner that school is missing an "o". When school is done, Nilly and Lisa go to Doctor Proctor's house and discuss what is going on. Nilly says that the footprints are sock footprints! Something else that is going on is that Nilly and Lisa's families are watching a show with a singer called Hallvard Tenorsen. Since then, their families have been speaking strangely. Instead of saying cheddar cheese, they say sheddar sheese. Later, Doctor Proctor talks about an animal called the Moon Chameleon. This animal can hypnotize people and likes to eat human flesh. Along the way, Nilly, Lisa, Doctor Proctor and other friends go through dangerous missions to find out who the Moon Chameleon is. Do they make it and find out who it is?
This book was written in 3rd person.


In this book I think the theme is to never give up. Nilly , Lisa, Doctor Proctor and their other friends never gave up when they were trying to find the moon chameleon.
In real life, this theme relates to me because when I go through hard things, I just tell my self to never give up. For example, if I see a craft that looks cool, I say to myself that I could try it and if things get complicated, I never give up. If I take a test and it is hard, I would just keep thinking. So basically, if I go through hard things, I don't just give up. I will keep trying and trying.

This was when Nilly and Lisa saw the sock footprints.