Plan ahead for .23 !!!

Now running heavy duty treatment 1x week on Wednesdays!

Take advantage of the OFF SEASON with repair work!

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.23 MCA-C Heavy Duty treatment now scheduled for Wednesdays!

Want to get ahead of the .23 lead times? Call ahead to your account manager and list what heavy duty material you will need for the following week. Routine scheduled .23 charges allow you to plan accordingly and communicate proper lead times to your customers! Have .23 material you need us to keep in stock? Talk to your account manager today!
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Approved .23 Heavy Duty Applications:

  • For critical applications such as posts supporting permanent houses or oth-er structures
  • For areas with a severe decay hazard
  • For critical structural applications where replacement is difficult
  • Permanent wood foundations
  • Fresh water dock piling
  • Saltwater splash zones
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Why Buy Structural Ground Contact? (Heavy Duty .23)

Versatility – Wood treated for Structural Ground Contact use can be used for typical direct burial applications including retaining walls, pole barns and deck beams. So you can focus on building and doing, rather than making sure you are using the right wood.
Simplicity – No more research on what treated material can be used where. No more checking the end tags to make sure you are choosing the right wood for the intended application. And if you didn’t even know that re-search was required, you can forget we even mentioned it because it is no longer an issue. Choose wood based on your design plans, knowing that it is preserved to last.
Durability – Every piece of preserved wood you buy will last even in harsh environments and conditions.
Peace of Mind – With wood treated to Structural Ground Contact you won’t lay awake thinking about whether or not your project met code requirements.
Flexibility – Change your plans after you purchased the material? Want to build a retaining wall with leftover wood? Get more out of your purchase by having a material that is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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