The People of the Buffalo

Describing the Culture of the Texas Southeastern Tribes

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What are the tribes?

The tribes that are apart of the southeastern label are the Apache and the Comanche.

What do they eat?

They manly eat buffalo. They usually don't eat fruits and vegetables, because they follow the buffalo and can't stay in one spot.

What is there housing?

Due to the fact that these tribes follow the buffalo they live in teepees and nomads, which are very easy to take down.
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What do they wear?

Since they follow the buffalo they wear buffalo skin. Also deer and feathers for design.
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What goverment did they have?

The government they had was a One chief choice. That means any questions or ideas had to go to the head chief and he (only he) made all the choices.

What are some interesting facts about them?

The Comanche and Apache tribes were the most educated tribes. The reason for this is, when the Europeans came they thought these two tribes were the smartest so they educated them. Another fact is that it has been proven that the Comanche are the most important tribe in making Texas.

What are some things you never thought they came up with?

One thing they came up with was cradleboard. Our cradleboard is that thing that moms strap around themselves to hold there babies.
Another thing they came up with is the idea of the Comanche lifestyle. This required about one horse per person (though warriors each possessed many more).
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What are some things that make them different from other Texas tribes?

The southeastern tribes are the most different tribes out of all of in Texas. The first thing is, most of the other tribes were friendly unlike the southeastern. They were so mean that if you were from a different tribe and you went to there's they would kill you. The second thing is that no other tribes followed the buffalo. All the other tribes stayed in one spot and never moved. Also since the other tribes stayed put, they got to eat lots of farm food. The southeastern tribes normally just ate buffalo. The fourth thing is that they were the most educated unlike the other tribes. Lastly no other tribes have been labeled to the same importance like the Comanche.