Which Economic System Is The Best?

"'Free Enterprise... Duhh." -Tasheba

The Benefits Free Enterprise

In a free enterprise economy you are free to create your own business and you are able to compete with other ones. The government also has little restriction on what it is you do to manage it. In other economies, such as command, the government controls all the businesses and they can only begin if they say so and end at their command. In a free enterprise, you can create to meet the demands of costumers and earn a profit on your own.

How It Works

The government places very few restrictions on businesses in a free enterprise economy. The government never has full ownership of the business unless the government owns it itself. Instead, the person or entrepreneur has full ownership of the business. People are paid however much they earn. if you don't work for what it is you want, especially money wise, you will not get anything. In a free enterprise economy things are produced to meet the demands of the customers and sold in the convenient places to buy them.
The Promise of Free Enterprise

The Cons Aren't That Bad Dude...

Some people say that free enterprise is not fair to those who are unable to create their businesses due to money issues or social problems. But anyone from any background can do it if they put their minds to it. Another thing people say about a free enterprise economy is that people trying to start a business will have a hard time trying to start it because they will be in competition with the bigger businesses, but it is that persons job to work to make their business boom. They cannot blame someone else's success for the failure of theirs.

To Reiterate

In conclusion free enterprise is the best choice as an economic system for a country. The citizens have the power to express themselves through entrepreneurship and the government won't be able to control everything you do. What happens and how the economy thrives will be up to the citizens efforts.