Black Lives Matter

Current events tied to the Harlem Renaissance

In recent years the United States has experienced a rise in police brutality. African Americans feel as if they are being targeted due to their race. Black Lives Matter connects to the Harlem Renaissance because the people of the 1920's were targeted just as they are today. Throughout the Harlem Renaissance the black culture experienced persecution, segregation, Jim Crow laws and social hardships.

"However, activists like the members of the Black Lives Matter movement argue that police kill blacks at a rate disproportionate to their total percentage of the population — an assertion supported by The Guardian’s statistics. Police killed almost five black people per every million black residents of the U.S., compared with about 2 per million for both white and Hispanic victims." - Mint Press

What is Black Lives Matter?

"Black Lives Matter is an activist movement which began as a hashtag (#BlackLivesMatter) after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teenager killed in Florida in July 2013. The movement became more widely known and popularized after two high-profile deaths in 2014 of unarmed African-American men (Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY and Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO) at the hands of police officers who were ultimately not indicted. Since August 2014, ongoing local and national protests and other actions—often sparked by the deaths of other unarmed African Americans—have brought the movement to the public consciousness and conversation. Black Lives Matter, which originated as a hashtag on Twitter and other social media, has since evolved into a “movement.” As of August 2015, more than 1000 Black Lives Matter demonstrations have been held worldwide."

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