Kaizen 1% Better Every Day

Shout Outs

Thank you Kim for coordinating an awesome career day! The speakers were wonderful and the kids loved it. Have a wonderful weekend! Jennifer Findley

Thank you to Sharon! You always come in my room with a smile and willing to help, no matter how difficult the morning might be! J Kim Slack

Thank you to my amazing 4th grade team! Your support, teamwork, enthusiasm, and passion for the kids is awesome! I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today without you! Kim Slack

Shout out to Mark for the wonderful luncheon today!

I want to send a shout out to those who are moving on to other phases of their careers and lives. Kim, Donna, Donna, Jessica, and Mark- just because you won’t be walking through these doors every day, doesn’t mean that you won’t always be part of this Lakeview family. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat! The lives you have touched here have forever been changed for the better! We love you all!! Katie Edwards

Shout Out to all of the Lakeview Staff! You are a wonderful group of ladies and gentleman to work with. You matter! You matter every day! In the lives of each other and most importantly, you matter in the lives you touch every day! Penny

Jessica, you are an amazing team leader, coworker, and friend. You have BIG shoes to fill! We will miss you very much! First grade team.

Kid Wisdom

Lessons From the Classroom

A student loudly asked across the room, “Hey Mrs. Kibbel, How do you spell ‘a-hole’?” She had to repeat her question several times because I couldn’t grasp what she was asking. Finally she responded, “You know, like ‘At dinner time, I slouch a whole lot, and Mom asks me to sit up’.”

Kid Wisdom – I was walking in the hall and was at the corner of the common area with two 1st or 2nd graders in front of me. The 2 girls started to cross on the carpeted area and then I heard 1 say “Let’s take the long way!” So they went back out on the tile and started to go around the tile. Then they decided to take the “super long way” and turned around and went the other way on the tile!

Kid # 1 (after returning to the art room from the library) : Wow. It smells great in there.

Kid # 2: Where?

Kid # 1: In the library. It smells like fried chicken.

Kid # 2: Maybe the incubator is on too high.

A student had to call home because he forgot his supplies. I told him to make sure he pressed 9 before he dialed his mom's number. He came back and said "I entered my mom's number but how does the phone know when to go?" I was confused. Then he clarified, "How does the phone know when to send it?" I finally realized most of these kids only know how to use cell phones. And our old land lines don't have a send button.

He walked away going, "Well that's interesting. It just knows when to send it."

Professional Learning