The Curse of the Monkey's Paw!

An Interview with the Whites

Interviewing the Whites!

Q: What was your third wish?

Mr.W: My third wish was to be at peace.

Q: What did you think of the person from Ma and Meggins?

Mr.W: My first impression was that he was very on edge and lying.

Q: Why didn’t you heed Sergeant Major Morris’s warnings and allow him to burn the paw?

Mr.W: I am a fool for not, but I don’t have an excuse besides greed.

Q: What if herbert was never dead?

Mr.W: I wouldn’t know what to do.

MRS.W: I would want to know who died in the machine.

Q: Mr. White, Would you still like to visit India after your experience with the Monkey’s Paw?

Mr.W: I would not. I would keep a very large distance between us, never messing with that devilish place again.

Q: Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, this whole experience was just a dream, and you never had a child in the first place, or perhaps you had a child, but it died in infancy?

Mr.W: If this a dream, I hope I wake up soon.

MRS. W: If it was a dream I would want to know where the dream came from and why we were all having the same dream.

Q: What are your opinions on monkeys in the pet trade?

Mr.W: I love monkey’s but trading them is very unnecessary.

Q: What are your opinions on the fakirs in India messing with people’s fates with objects such as the monkey’s paw?

Mr.W: I think that is their own fault if they use the monkey’s paw, they were most likely warn. MRS.W: I think they are doing it to show how good you actually have things until something bad happens.

Q: Are you still friends with Sergeant Major Morris?

Mr.W: Yes, he has done wrong as well and knows a part of what we’ve been through.

Q: Have you seen the servant from Maw and Meggins, or do you think he was a supernatural being?

Mr.W: I believe he was sent from the devil of the monkey’s paw, in Jesus name Amen!

Q: Have you visited Herbert’s grave to see if he actually rose from the dead? Was the ground disturbed at all?

Mr.W: I don’t want to see my son in the ground, If he was there, because that’s not I want to remember him by, his lifeless body, I remember him for his life.

Q: Mr. White, do you have any regrets pertaining to your second wish?

Mr.W: I do regret it. I regret it all.

Q: Have you thought that you both are potentially schizophrenic?

Mr.W: I feel that if we were, we would be in an asylum already.

Q: Did this teach you anything about contentment?

Mr.W: It does, because it’s not what I needed, it’s what I wanted and look at how much it cost me.

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