By: Nicole Brown and Madison Patrick

Achilles Heel

Achilles was mythical Greek hero who was virtually impossible to hurt. Achilles was dipped into the river Styx as a young child because his Mother Thetis realized that Achilles was only human and would not live forever. And because Achilles could not live forever Thetis wanted to do anything and everything that she could possibly do to help ensure Achilles a long and safe life. So Thetis decided to dip Achilles into the river. By dipping Achilles into the river Styx a magical river it made Achilles almost impossible to be physically harmed. But Thetis had made one fatal flaw. When dipping Achilles into the water she held him but his foot and didn't get the heel of his foot completely submerged into the water, making his heel the one and only venerable part of his body.

The Trojan War and Death of Achilles

The Trojan War took place in the City of Troy between 1194–1184 BC. This great war took place because Paris a man of Troy took Helen, the wife of Menelaus King of Sparta. Achilles was brought into this battle because of a former oath that he had agreed to years before that required Achilles to help his "Blood Brothers" anytime that they needed him to if it had anything to do with protecting Helen. During the battle after many deaths Achilles killed an man named Hector. Hector was a cousin to Paris, when Paris found out the news of Hector's death he was infuriated. So Paris shot Achilles in the foot, the only venerable place on his body and killed the great Hero Achilles.