Water - What can we do?

Problems, Consequences and Actions

Shortage of water

The number of people living in water-stressed countries will increase from 700 million today to more than 3 billion by 2025 – 35% of the predicted global population (World Economic Forum, 2010). At a global level, water is a world issue; for example, it is said that the Punjab could be desert in 20-30 years and that water wars between nations could result. In Australia what will our future be? Desert, droughts, disease, famine, livestock deaths, biodiversity loss, crop failure, and more.

Water, More Precious than Gold

The Water Corporation has an H2O assist program with water efficient products which is available for home and business customers in the Perth city. The Water Corporation advise on installing a rainwater tank in your home that can save up to 26,000l each year. Reducing washing loads to just one per week will save about 120 L of water. Replacing the toilet with a duel flush could save up to 90 L a day. The Water Corporation also advised to take shorter showers, 2 minutes or less as you can save up to 40 L of water each day. They also say to check your homes as they can be extremely wasteful and you can save up to 30 L a day for repairing leaks around your home. Don't leave your tap running while you brush your teeth. Simply wet your brush, and rinse with a cup of water.

More can still be done

Consider water efficiency when buying new appliances. When buying a new washing machine choose the highest WELS rating possible. WELS rating four-star model uses up to 41% less water than a commercial washing machine. When using dishwashers choose at least a 4.5 star model which uses as little as 15 L per wash. You can save water with single lever mix taps. the lever action mixes hot and cold water to find the right temperature quickly so you won't waste water in the bathroom. Look for a minimum WELS star rating of six.

Using a flow regulator can help reduce water by 50%. Water pressure increases flow rates. To help you save water a licensed Water Wise plumber can fit a pressure reduction valve at your boundary.

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What more can we do to preserve water?

Have a water-saving challenge to see how many litres of water your household can reduce for the next Water Bill. Have a challenge to decrease the amount of water consumed on the next Water Bill and maybe offer a prize.

When washing dishes by hand, don't leave the water running for rinsing

Use your dishwasher and clothes washer for only full loads

Take shorter showers

Use grey water for your garden from your bath/shower or your washing machine. You can also use a garden bore to find groundwater for use on your gardens. Garden bores take water from shallow groundwater and also reduce the need to use drinking water.