What's An Ivory Coast Air Tavel


The Ivory Coast Air Tavel Declaration is the name given to a shipment of cargo. It's normally an extremely heavy cargoes thing that's delivered from the ports of Abid, Cotonou, Clicker, Ghana and Montego Bay. It's generally a cement container that is packed with household supplies and other items of everyday use. The container is then put on the surface of a trolley that is pulled by a tiny pick-up vehicle that is driven with a commercial airline. At the same time that the container is being transported, it is being monitored by the officials of the Ivory Coast Container Registry.

The Ivory Coast Air Tavel Declaration has a long history. It was instituted in 1981. At the time the country was known as'Cordial'. It was only in the following years after the name'Ivory Coast' was applied to the port which the container became known as a way of shipping goods.

It may be realized as being a legal document that's in effect for all functions of international trade. It does not yet apply to the movement of private property or to the carriage of goods by air. The record must be carried within an open and free chest or box at a personal conveyance.

The Ivory Coast Air Tavel declaration must contain the names and addresses of all the freight handlers for both the sender and the recipient of the cargo. Additionally, it needs to include the signatures of both parties to the transportation. Ivory Coast Air permits for the carriage of up to 200 kilograms of freight. There is however some limit concerning the weights that could safely be transported by air. The highest limit that may be accepted by the airline is half the weighing limit of half of those cubic meters.

The document also requires a comprehensive description of the contents which will be placed in the container. This is referred to as the cargoes particulars. It is generally a description of the materials so as to give assurance that they are not damaged during transport. The certificate also states if the items in the container were stolen or at least what country they came out. This information is necessary to comply with regulations set out by the government and it is also necessary to avoid conflict with any legislation or rules of the destination country.

There are several requirements that have to be met by companies that wish to transfer cargo by air. A list of them is offered in the booklet that has to be presented with the documentation. These include the name and address of the person who owns the air freight, the enrollment number of the air transportation along with the registration number of the destination airport. Besides this record there's a statement that the products are carried in conformity with all regulations and regulations of the country of origin. This statement is necessary as well to avoid charges in the habits. The files are available in the Ivory Coast Air Cargo Authority or at the airport .