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Florence Nightingale/Ptolemaic Kingdom

Florence Nightingale

Sanitation was a huge problem when Florence Nightingale was born, and even before that. There were no sanatizes instruments, beds, or air. Florence hated unsanatized Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Battle Field Hospitals.

"Florence was a deeply religious person. When she was 16, she believed that she heard the voice of God calling her. He was telling her to become a nurse," says Harris. Her fauther, William Nightingale, did not approve of her studying to be a nurse. He said that she was born into a first class family that she should just have fun and go to fancy, rich people parties. Florence hated to see the lower class people without food, clothes, or medical supplys. According to Bull,"When Florence was 20 years old she took food, clothes, and medicine to the poor, this gave her the first clue to the mystery of her vocation.""In 1845, at the age of 25, Nightingale met Elizabeth Blackwell in London," says Harris. The game changer has arrived! "In 1851, Nightingales fauther gave her permission to study nursing. She traveled to Germany, where she studied at a religious community that included a hospital, a collage, and an orphanage." discribes Harris. It finally happened! When Florence returned to England in 1853, Florence got her very first nursing job! according to Bull, "Florence was 32 years old when Elizabeth Herbert finally launched her career, by giving her, her own Nursing Home."

Bull said, "In March 1854, Nightingale went to Turkey, to nurse injured British soldiers. During the Crimean War." It was going to be a simple task, but yet enormous. The were not enough women to help with the wounded soldiers. They had to bind 38 women together, and they need rules to keep everything in order, so Florence made rules for every women that was there to help. According to Bull, "On November 5 there was a battle at Inkerman, outside of Sebastopol. The British won, but their casualties were enormous." After all the wars Nightingale went to to nurse injured soldiers, a deadly disease called Crimean Fever. Nightingale was suffering from this disease, when she died in her home on August 13,1910. She was 90 years old when she died of Crimean Fever. Florence Nightingale made many amazing and life changing changes to how clean, organized, and who can do which job even if you are high class or a lower class. She is what changed the world.

Ptolemaic Kingdom

Wow, the Ptolemaic Kingdom, so rich, so powerful, and was also known as the Ptolemaic Dynasty. It was said to be one of the best and most powerful dynasties every. According to Lendening, "After Alexander's death, his friend Ptolemy became satrap of Egypt, and started to behave himself rather independently. Without Alexander's death the Ptolemaic Kingdom would not have ever became known, true, or real.

"The richest, most powerful, and long lasting Kingdoms was that of the Ptolemies," said Birtannica. Did you know that the word Prolemies means, name of the last dynasty of independent Egypt, of Macedonia descends. The Ptolemaic Kingdom reached its height at material and cultural splendor under Ptolemy philadelphus, who ruled Egypt from 285 to 246BC. After Alexander's death, his friend Ptolemy accepted the royal title in 306, and the kingdom entered a long period of war and internal strife that ended when Egypt became a province of the Koman Empire in 30BC. Plus his death left his generals without any plan where by the vast territories he had conquered should be administered. Plus the generals wanted to break up the empire and create realms for themselves. It took more than 40 years of struggles and was fare before the separate kingdoms were carved out. According to Lendering, "However, after the death of Ptolemy IV Philopator in 204 , his son Ptolemy V Epiphanes was too young to rule, and his wife Arisnoe was murdered." According to Lendering, "When a peace treaty was signed in 195, Egypt had lost Coele Syria and all over sea possessions, except for Cyprus."

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