Web 2.0 Tool: Wix

Amber Barnard

Wix: Portfolio and Website Creator


Wix is an online website creator that can be used for a classroom wiki or website. This resource would fall under the categories of communication and presentation. This tool is easy to navigate and makes creating a classroom webpage easy. There are a variety of designs to choose from to make your webpage look and flow the way you want. This website can also be used to create online portfolios of work samples. This is a great tool to use for educational purposes. Since this tool is very user friendly and easy to navigate, students could use this when creating online portfolios of work or projects requiring online creation.

I have used this tool for two purposes: portfolio and teacher website. This tool is very user friendly and allows the creator to design various types of webpages. I used this tool when creating my online portfolio for my undergraduate studies. It allowed me to express individual style while creating a profession portfolio to display all of my educational works. I have also worked on incorporating this into my daily classroom environment. Since this tool is so user friendly, it is easy to maintain a teacher webpage for students to use and obtain important classroom information. This tool allows me to keep information, assignments, and communication up to date for students to access easily on a day to day basis.

Here's a video demonstration: