Part 2

By, Garrett Ely

Element and Compound

>Element- the combined particles which is made by raw materials
>Compound-two or more elements combined
Example H2O

Element Vs. Compound

>The compound formed often has properties which aren't anything like the individual elements.
>The elements will keep the same properties as they have had before.

How Are Compounds Formed?

By two different atoms from a element combined together witch make a compound.

How are compounds separated? Can elements be separated?

It differs by the type of elements. Some may be able to be separated some may not, if it can be separated there is many many ways to do it.

What are some similarities and differences of elements & compounds

The components of mixtures are physically together as where compounds are chemically bonded together.

Chemical Formula

An expression which states the number and the type of atoms present in a molecule of a substance.

Example- There are 6 carbon atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms in a hexane molecule

Coefficents and Subscripts

>Coefficients- number of separate bits
>Subscripts- number of atoms of an element in each bit


(H2O) it has the atom H (hydrogen) and 2 two atoms of hydrogen, then it also has O (oxygen)
which there is one of.