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Be the YOU who shows up for your life!

Hello Everyone!!!

Well I'm home for 2 weeks maybe 3 lol.

I would like to offer some interesting things...this year for me has been a very transformative one. We all go thru stuff in our lives, its what we do with it counts.

I am offering talks, you can book me for a group at your home, business, or private appts.

my aim is to share with you the feeling that you can be yourself, feel like you can say NO, choose what YOU want, Be who YOU are, and ENJOY your life.

But first YOU have to take the first step......come, ask, want or just be curious.

love to see you,


Healing is for everyone.....Eastern ways of healing the body and releasing stress.

I will be doing Healing work while i am in here.....if you have not experienced this why not give it a try.....first timers special $65.00 if you or you have a senior in your life that is stiffening up, has weakness, knee ,back, shoulder or foot problems bring them in for an alternative way of releasing, non invasive Therapeutic touch, energy work.

Just a relaxing way of feeling good.

One hour appts.

A note from Me!

A note from Jan

I do believe that my journey has prepared me to help others. I have a deep inner voice I follow and love to teach others how to get to know themselves, when ready it comes easy it's not magic, you must want it.

Walking the talk comes when you decide you have had enough and want to feel free to be yourself. If you have ANY questions about what i do or can do for you just call or email me. I will answer you. Your life is yours. No one can do this for you. Only you.

I decided one day...."I didn't come this far, just to come this far"

I still learn and share what I learn.

I am straight forward, honest and do my best for you!

if you are not sure try a talk listen see if im for you.

I work thru my heart.

Hope you will join us.




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