The Beat of the Drum

By Alexandra Winham


Hi my name is Alexandra Winham and I am a Archaeologist. My team is called Alexandra's Amazing Archaeologist. I am the head of the business and I have 30 other team members but 10 others came with me on this trip to Ancient Rome. Today I am going to tell you about our best discovery yet. This is I picture of my team
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Formation of the Source

After 8 hours off digging in the sinister rays of Ancient Rome my team and I was about to quit. Then in the last 20 minutes that I was digging I hit something. were searching for some artifacts that would show us more how people lived in 3,000 B.C.E. my teams of archaeologist were sure that something was down there because 7 years ago a table made of clay was discovered. We had been digging for 4 hours just to get one artifact, three of our 10 team members had already passed out. We were about to call it a day when my shovel it something soft and mushy.


The second the solid metal of my shovel hit something soft I knew that I had found what I came for. I yelled to my other 7 people left on my team “Hey come quick I found something.” It took us almost 4 hours to dig up the artifact but when we were about halfway through and we had dug 5 feet deep I saw a white sheet of cow skin. At first I thought that it was a cloak but after a little bit more digging I realized that it was a drum, the top was made of a soft cow skin. The base was a beautiful caramel color slightly faded from so many years of rest. on the base was a picture of a roman emperor. From looking at the emperor, I think that we will be able to figure out a general time that it was used.

Dating the Source

Once my team and I had gotten the drum out we started discovering it right away. as I was looking all around it for the first time I saw something abnormal. In the center of the base was a crack and this would have been normal for resting for so long but the thing that was strange is that the crack was right in the middle but it didn't go all the way around. My team and I will use Absolute Dating to discover who, what, when, where, why. I think that face that is on the base of the drum will help us a lot to figure out when the drum was used. I am very excited to hopefully be able to figure out more about the background story of the drum.

Interpreting the Evidence

My team and I brought the drum back home carefully sealed in an airtight bag. When we got back to our lab in Charlotte North Carolina we discovered that our artifact was from The battle of Actium which took place in 31 B.C and the drum was used by a young Drummer boy to alert the soldiers of battle. Another possibility is that The drum was used by roman emperor Nero who was emperor from 37 A.D to 68 A.D to call for his servants. I am so Exhilarated to have found this object and can;t wait to find out more about it.
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