Downhill Skiing Lessons

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My life: all about skiing

  • Mainly it was my Dad that got me into skiing. But my Mom and brother often came with us and we would all ski our hearts out.
  • I have now been skiing for 13 years, since I was 3.
  • There are so many aspects to why I love skiing. I love being in the mountains. I love all the snow. I love traveling at high speeds down the mountain.
  • Growing up, my goal was to be able to do any run on the mountain. My dad refused to take me on the hard ones until he felt I was ready. I only took me 4 years, 7 years old, before I could beat any of my dads friends down any run we chose.

My father, Al.

My dad started me at a young age of 3. Every year since then, he has brought me up almost daily until 8th grade. Not only was it by far my favorite thinf to do, but I got really, really good at it.

My top instructors

Gauranteed to be fast and thrilling