SO September 20th Weekly Email


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Upcoming dates

  • Sept 24 - no age group practice - Coach meeting
  • Sept 24 - Deadline for Shady Lane
  • Oct 2-3 ACE River Races - GOLD AND SENIOR (Deadline has passed)
  • Oct 10 BSC Intro Meet NOVICE BRONZE SILVER (Deadline has passed)
  • October 16-17 Swim Omaha - All Groups - Information to come
  • Oct 22 BT Friday Night Races - Registration Deadline: Oct 10, 2021 -NOVICE BRONZE SILVER
  • November 3-5 Jim Devine Meet - Columbia - DEADLINE SEPT 24
  • There will be no age group practices during any home Westside football game.

Parents can be in the stands at both pool as long as you remain masked at all times. Lockers rooms are still closed at this time.

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Shady Lane Hayrack Ride and Bonfire

Monday, Oct. 4th, 5pm

17744 Shady Lane

Council Bluffs, IA

DEADLINE is September 24th

Practice is canceled on Oct 4th for this event.



There are two continual fundraisers to support Swim Omaha.

Amazon Smiles - Select Omaha Westside Swim Club

TAGG - Select Swim Omaha

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Article (Webinar) of the Week



How to Bullet-Proof Your Relationship With Your Child

Thursday, September 23, 2021 9:00 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

It often seems that we're unprepared for the challenges of parenting. Where's the owner's manual? This webinar will clarify for you the fundamental approach for making sure you have a rock-solid relationship with your child regardless of the trials and tribulations you may encounter. We'll break down the most effective way to handle simple things like bedtime issues and eating preferences, and the more complex things like school, sports, and friends. This session will rely on the professional work of Dr. William Glasser and his book "Choice Theory."

You will learn:
• The basic needs of your child
• The Quality World your child strives for
• When to negotiate and when not to
• The two psychologies we have at our disposal

David will connect the key life skills of the lesson with winning on the field, and in life. The PowerPoint materials are loaded with practical information worth saving for future reference.

Register through USA SWIMMING

This is not associated with Swim Omaha but it is done through USA Swimming.

Safe Sport

Swim Omaha is NOT at 50% participation for Safe Sport. This is something that needs to happen. Please get your athlete and yourself to complete the course.


  1. PARENTS MUST REGISTER AN ACCOUNT WITH USA SWIMMING before taking a course. Swimmers, coaches, and officials have an account already.
  2. Make sure you enter Midwestern (MW) as the LSC and Swim Omaha (SO) as the LSC and team.
  3. Click the Safe Sport Learn button below to access USA Swimming's Learn website.
  4. Scroll down to enter your name and birthdate
  5. Go to the courses and select the appropriate one for you or your child.
  6. Add the course and then select it from the dashboard.
  8. PARENT COURSE takes 1 Hour
  9. Once you complete your course - screenshot the completion screen and submit it to the google form below (Or click the button). This will help us track the completion percentage for Swim Omaha and enter your child in the drawing for Arena products.


Novice and Bronze - Coach Lisa

Please wear your mask into the pool.

Each swimmer needs their own kickboard and fins. Please order those through

Novice and Bronze need "long blade" fins. Not the short ones. There are no Arena brand long blade fins. Please order the speedo ones on the team store. Or see Coach Lisa for cheap ones remaining from the Garage sale.

I want to let all the swimmers and parents know that I am not as mad as I sound sometimes.

After radiation, and cervical fusion surgery on my neck, I was left with a paralyzed vocal cord. The more I try to project, the meaner I sound. The kids can see my face, so I hope they can tell I am not angry. But now that we have parents in the stands, watching again, after a year and 1/2, I want to reassure people that my voice is broken, not angry.

Silver - Coach Vic

1. Practice schedule for the week Monday- Wednesday 5:30-7 or 6:45-8:15 Thursday- 1 group ONLY 5:30-7:00 Friday- NO PRACTICE Swim Omaha Staff meeting

2. Get signed up for practices on the sign-up genius use this link:

Once a practice is full (max 24) you will not be able to attend that practice, please do not just show up.

3. If you have not already ordered your swimmer a jr kickboard, fins, or mesh bag please use this link and get things ordered ASAP. If your swimmer does not have equipment they will go without it. Link: (copy and paste the link)

4. Get signed up for the Hayrack Ride on Oct. 4th see the top of the newsletter for the sign-up. Kids always enjoy this fun team outing!!! There will be NO PRACTICE THIS DAY, so get signed up!!

5. Locker rooms are CLOSED!!! There is no change before or after practice. The locker room is used only for a bathroom. Your swimmer will come and leave in their suit.

Gold - Coach Teryn

Remember your equipment and dryland clothes.

Senior Westside - Coach Doug

Remember your equipment and dryland clothes.

Senior Ralston - Coach Docker and Coach Drew

Remember your equipment and dryland clothes.