Watz Solar Panels

Family owned business

We have the best solar panel business on the East Coast!

As citizens become more and more aware of the state of the environment, they want to find solutions to help it! Well we have what you need. We offer great prices, installation, and maintenance of solar panels. We have been voted the best solar panel business on the East Coast by the EMA!

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We work together to help you!

As a family owned business with over 25 stores along the East Coast, we are a partnership. We are partnered with a construction business owner to help the installation process. We chose this because we needed each other to be successful and a partnership is easier to run than a corporation. The advantages are that we have more to offer since we have a range of talents, we can raise money easier, and we pay no corporate income tax.

As a solar panel business, we are more scarce than other types of businesses. Since we only have one other partner, there are less disagreements than there normally would be. We each work together well. And since we are a family business, we are more understanding if someone wants to leave the business or has issues with it. The profits are shared evenly to prevent money disagreements. Family is more likely to agree with one another versus working with a stranger.

We are Watz Solar Panels!

Our locations include:

-Raleigh, NC

-Charlotte, NC

-Chapel Hill, NC

-Durham, NC

-Roxboro, NC

-Savannah, GA

-Augusta, GA

-Atlanta, GA

-Miami, FL

-Charleston, SC

-Colombia, SC

-Richmond, VA

-Baltimore, MD

-Washington DC

-Dover, DE

-Providence, RI

-Philadelphia, PA

-Boston, MA

-Trenton, NJ

-Albany, NY

-Buffalo, NY

-Syracuse, NY

-Knoxville, TN

-Nashville, TN

-Charleston, WV

We want the best for our employees!

We care deeply for our employees' happiness and listen to each concern to try to solve issues within our company. We have a labor union so our employees can work together to express their need for more pay and better working conditions. As long as their argument is valid and realistic, we listen and help them. The labor union is an open shop because we don't feel like employees should be forced to join a union to work for us.

We keep it green!

Since we sell solar panels, we are very devoted to helping the environment! We recycle in each of our 25 offices, gather together groups to pick up trash along highways and in parks, and provide environmentally friendly cars as our work vehicles. Also, we only use environmentally friendly products when we install solar panels. For schools and other public buildings, we give discounts on our solar panels. We encourage the use of solar power and have even been discussing branches off to start helping with water power for people who live near lakes or rivers. Our business is very cautious about what we do so we can help the environment and encourage others to do the same!
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