"Me-Time" Spa Party w/ Pink Papaya

Spa Party at YOUR HOME!

Your "me-time" is non-negotiable! So book your party with me today!

November is a time for being thankful but we often forget about ourselves. You should be thankful for you! Take some time this month to give thanks by reminding yourself of your inner and outer beauty with a few moments of pampering. You deserve it!


"Me-Time" Spa Party with Pink Papaya

Friday, Nov. 1st, 7pm to Saturday, Nov. 30th, 9pm


xxxx S. xxth St

Your Town WI 55555

What to expect?

We're going to slow down, reconnect and catch up with friends while also taking time for ourselves. Hand treatments, spa moments and a cocktail are waiting!

Pink Papaya

Pink Papaya is the BEST party in town! At home, Girls' Nite Out spa parties, bringing and "Ahhhh" moment to your day. Pink Papaya has a luxurious variety of naturally cleansing, toning, detoxifying and hydrating products for any skin type and a diverse color line of cosmetics, brushes and palettes.