Mady And Sa's Babysitting Service.

Do You Need A Babysitter?

Do you need a parent helper? Do you need a time out doing something without Kids? Do you need some alone time with your Husband? Do you need to go shopping by yourself? Well that's why we are here! You can do all of that stuff with Mady and Sara-Ashlyns Babysitting Service!

Backround Information About Sara-ashlyn and Mady.

Sara-Ashlyn is in 8th grade. She is 14 years old, turning 15 this year. She is very caring and responsible! She is experienced with Babysitting. She has also taken CPR class. Mady is in 6th grade. She is 12, turning 13 this year. She is very caring and very fun with the kids! She loves kids and would keep your kids busy!

Information About the Buissnes

At Mady and Sara-Ashlyn's Babysitting Service, we charge $7.00 a hour for BOTH! If you want Mady and Sara-Ashlyn to take care of your kids, contact us at 704-431-8444. We hope to here from you!