S9 Faculty Update

January 11-15

S9 Dates to Remember

  • January 14 - In-House Instructional Rounds at S9
  • January 21 - Faculty Meeting
  • January 25-27 - Accreditation External Review

News and Notes

  • Instructional Rounds will be Thursday morning. English teachers will do rounds in History classrooms. Math teachers will do rounds in Science classrooms.
  • Remember to incorporate our focus of practice into your lessons regularly. Provide questions with multiple possible outcomes and require students to include evidence to support their claims.

  • We will practice a Code Red drill Monday.


I'm still collecting a few textbooks from students. However, you all should be able to either use class sets or assign textbooks on Monday. Remember to provide me with a copy of your classroom inventory sheets. I placed a blank copy of that form on Canvas if anyone needs it. It is located in the General Information section.

Data Update

Don't forget to update student data displayed in the data room.