Mrs. Aimee's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Aimee's First Grade Class

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Mrs. Aimee

by Krishav

Mrs. Aimee is a good teacher. She is nice and she is good. Ms. Aimee always records videos and sends them so many times. She reads books by authors and illustrators. Ms. Aimee has so many pets. She has a cat and a parrot. The parrot's name is Tiki. And her husband is Mr. Gordan and he is almost going to be a teacher of Karate.

by Jayden

Mrs. Aimee makes break-out rooms and I know what she is going to do for the day. She tell us to do math. Mrs. Aimee tells us to do writing, too.

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by Piper

We love writing. I am writing a story about Crystal and Rose in the Rose Garden. We are learning how to review our writing by re-reading it. I like writing and reading.

by Brandon

I like writing about the weekend news. I have to add periods and capital letters. I like to write pretend stories.

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by Aaryan

We read fun books and sometimes chapter books. We read mostly at home.

by Lucas

We like reading. We like the books. We sound it out. My favorite kind of books are cat books. There is a series.

by Aarav

We like to read a lot. I like to read books, chapter books, origami books, spooky books and dinosaur books.

by Ayush

We like drawing and reading a lot. I like reading every good comic book I can find.

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Our Class

by Keith

We get to take home a class pet. Our class pet is a unicorn with a chocolate donut. We earn points to participate and we can more and more class pets home. In the morning we have 2 girls and 5 boys. The others are in the afternoon. We get to go outside and play and we have dance parties.

by Sanad

My favorite thing is to play with my friends. Now we have fun Friday and fun Tuesday!

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by Aiden

I am writing a story and equations. We can count up to twenty and more. Adding cateriplars and fish.

by Akarsh

Sometimes Ms. Aimee spotlights the screen and we have to figure out how many there are. We do counting and sorting. We write numbers and equations and shapes. Ms. Aimee taught us about shapes in our last unit.

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by Aria

We get to have fun and visit with our friends and the end of the day. We get to do our questions and that makes me feel good.

by Aiden

Recess in my favorite. We run.

by Tanishqa

We have recess. We have drawing activities and we have stories. Sometimes our teacher give us a surprise thing to color.

by Tanesha

My favorite things to do are drawing and recess.

by Sai

I like to play at the school and play with my friends. I like to read about Brown Bear. The book.

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by Alex

We learned that plants grow from seeds. We grew plants. It had a few plants but they got crushed because my brother was playing outside when they were growing.

by Tvisha

We have done butterflies. It takes 10-14 days - two weeks - for a butterfly to hatch. Butterflies taste with their feet. When they get out of the cacoon and they flap their wings to learn how to fly.

by Eva

I like to study butterflies. I found a butterfly and I will study it with my friend. And I love reading.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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