The Shining Star

Room 12

Valentine's Day

We had so much fun at our Valentine's Day parties. We played Valentine's Day Bingo, Exchanged ornaments, created our own Ice cream sundaes and even played 3 minute to win it games! Thank you to those of you that participated by volunteering to send food and those who helped out with the party. It was a success because of your help!

If you would like to play minute to win it games with your child you can find ideas at this website:

The theme song is on this website:

Enjoy these pictures of your kids having fun at our Valentine's Day party!

Click "2014 Winter Olympics" to take you to a song to listen to as you are reading the paragraph below.

There are many exciting things happening; one of which is recognizing the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! The community program will be hosting their own set of games in a few weeks. A few of the games these preschoolers will be competing in are as follows:

Curling (Rolling a Ball toward a target)
Olympian Picture Search
Balance Beam
Hopping on one foot (How many times can you hop on one foot?)
Bean Bag Toss

Bobsledding down the slide

Look for your Olypian's gold medal when they come home a winner!