Arthropods, cinaridans, and echoniderms


Arthropods are made up of three groups. They are crustations, arachnids, and insects. Crustations have large claws to catch prey and rip it into pieces. Arachnids often have poison that will kill or stun its prey. Insects are the only invertebrates that can fly. They breath through oxygen ducts in their sides.


Sting sting

Cnidarians have stinging tenticals that stun its prey. After the prey is stunned, it gets drawn into the predator's mouth/ waste disposal. The Cnidarians only have one opening for food.


The word Echoniderm comes from the Latin words spiny skin. Starfish are Echinoderms, and so are sea cucumbers. All Echoniderms live in water, and usually never leave the area where they were born.