The Secret to using Nuclear Fusion

The Biggest Story of 1920!

The Scientist Behind it All...

Good day. I am Dr. Lindsay Pinheiro, an American scientist who has been studying abroad while researching new sources of energy. After becoming very frustrated with my work (or lack there of) one day, I looked up into the big, blue sky and it dawned on me: perhaps I am not as smart as my qualifications would lead you to believe because how could I overlook the obvious answer to my question? The sun! The sun produces ungodly amounts of energy that "powers" much of our lives already: our source of food. The sun triggers a plants production of energy through photosynthesis and helps it receives nutrients and promotes growth. Through a process called "nuclear fusion", large amounts of energy is released by fusing small nuclei together and provides the energy source that powers the stars.

What's the Difference?

FISSION is the division of one atom into two, and FUSION is the combination of two lighter atoms into a larger one.

Safety and Impact

Wear the proper protective gear when dealing with the energy from the sun, it is extremely hot and powerful. Economic benefits include job creation and economic growth, providing both near-term and lasting employment and economic benefits. The 100 nuclear units in the U.S. generate substantial domestic economic value in electricity sales and revenue - $40-$50 billion each year - with over 100,000 workers contributing to production