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Please read the following informational PDF documents about each Team Challenge and Instant Challenge.

Instant Challenges Practice

Congrats on your upcoming trip to Global Finals! You new teams are in for an experience like none other!

I hope you've enjoyed your week off, for the teams that took one. Going forward, we will no longer be meeting at BSE on Tuesdays. However, I am still available for Instant Challenge work according to the individual needs of your team. My bins of supplies are ready to go on the road, and I can come to you wherever you happen to be practicing. We will schedule times on an individual basis, and unless I am needed somewhere else, I'll make every effort to be there when you want a little IC goodness.

I also will be bringing some of the supplies to Globals, and if you want your kids to do practice IC's in Tennessee, we can make that happen. You should all have my contact info, but just in case....

Jill Benvenutti


(317) 709-2353

Basic Information You'll Need to Know

Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • They are really cool, but they have boring parts in them. DI needs to thank all the sponsors so you can imagine what that can be like.

Team Manger Meeting

  • Attend if you can. It is held Tuesday night and you can gather information about how the challenge will be run at the competition.


  • Bags are checked when only entering Convention Center. Pin bags, purses etc.


  • We sometimes ride the bus, sometimes drive to the site. I suggest driving on the day of the IC and TC so you will make it on time.

School Work

  • They will not want to study. Make them take the time to finish homework as quickly as possible. This gives them more free time. Reward for good planning.

  • This is a great experience they will never forget! Make sure they study, but also make sure they see the wonderful creations that are made.


  • Bring some snacks for the team. They won’t be in the hotel much only to sleep, but they do get hungry especially teenagers.

  • Don’t be a neat freak in the room. I always chaperone boys and we have stuff all over the place in the room.

  • Ask the parents about medicines. I usually have Tylenol or Ibuprofen available if that is fine with the parents.

  • Bring a swimsuit. The kids love to push you in the pool.

  • Be friendly to the hotel staff. They will go out of your way to help you if you are friendly.

  • There is a UT rep at the hotel every day. Get to know this person, they can help you with problems that can arise.


  • I have found that Pins, drinks, cookies etc. will go a long way with helping the security guard let you park somewhere you shouldn’t, go through a room you shouldn’t, assist you in moving a prop, etc.


  • Be prepared to walk, a lot! Bring a backpack to carry a couple small bottles of water.

  • Pack a hat and sunscreen!


  • It’s bad, but they are feeding thousands of people. There are very limited places to get lunch on the UT campus if you want to stray from the provided meal.

  • I think you can eat at any of the meal locations provided by DI, not just at the hotel.

  • Look for the best food to be after the Closing Ceremony. When you attend the parties you will need to find the hidden rooms at the party that serve the best foods!

Performance Information/ Prop Rooms

Performance Rooms

  • They are all large open areas. If your team has been in a small room before, you might want to have them discuss what it would be like to perform in a large room with different acoustics and a large amount of space available to perform.

  • There will be all types of outside interruptions in the performance rooms during your performance. People will be coming and going, overhead lights will make noise, you will hear applause in other rooms, etc. If your team has been practicing in silence with no interruptions, you might consider altering that strategy.


  • Take your team to watch as many as you can. There are really cool ideas that kids can harvest for future years.


  • Pack all props carefully for the journey down.

  • Props will be damaged somehow in transportation and movement.

  • Bring tools to repair props.

  • Don’t leave props in the transportation vehicle, especially if they are susceptible to heat and UV rays. Hot glue will melt when left in a car that gets to a high temperature.

  • Share transportation of other props when you go to Globals.

  • Take tools necessary for repairs. Put your name on the tools and don’t leave them in the prop rooms. We have had a couple of tool boxes disappear.

  • There is a Lowe’s and Walmart in Cedar Bluff if you need items for repair. I have not found a hardware store downtown Knoxville.

Prop Room

  • If this is your first time to Global Finals, the prop rooms can be difficult to find. Police and convention center employees are not much help in finding your building and room. Your best bet is to find the University of Tennessee (UT) volunteers who have a vast knowledge of the layout of the campus and convention center. It is also a good idea to review a map of the campus before you go and find your location. Be aware of road and building construction around the UT campus.

  • Vehicles going into the KCC Convention center are checked by police with bomb sniffing dogs.

  • Space in prop rooms is difficult to find. Most teams arrive Monday or Tuesday so much of the space is taken. Don’t delay in taking your props to the prop room if you need space.

  • Most prop rooms are not monitored by anyone from DI so you will have no idea where to place items. Find a good spot and stake out your area.

  • Some teams are not friendly and will take up more than their share of space and will not relocate if you ask.

  • Outlets can be hard to find if you need electrical. Bring a long extension cord.

  • You will see all types of interference in the prop rooms.

  • You can practice in the prop rooms later in the week. After several teams perform, there is usually space to practice. I try to practice in the hotel or parking lot of the hotel early in the week. Our team is competitive so they like to keep sharp on their performance.

  • Make a sign to advertise your performance if you want others to watch.

Instant Challenges

  • Take some with you to keep the teams skills fresh during the week. I take my team into the study rooms in the UT library to practice before IC. The library is directly across from the IC building and has open rooms on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. You do not need to ask permission to use the rooms.

  • IC moves relatively fast once inside. Your team will be herded into a large instruction room with DI officials. From there they will check paperwork and sit you in a group with your team. You are normally waiting 30 minutes before you perform. Don’t let the team drink lots of liquids before they go into the building, they frown upon you using the restroom.

  • The IC follows the same format as Regional and Affiliate Finals.

  • You do not have a “chill out” room to debrief. You will need to debrief once outside.

Things to Do

Pin Trading

  • Big deal and is pretty cool. Give the kids some latitude to take time and trade. It is a great way to meet kids from other states and countries.

  • Have the parents watch the kids while they pin trade. Find the team manager lounge and take a break.

  • Watch for kids that distract and steal pins. I have seen them work in pairs and take kids pins. It is very crowded in the pin areas and hard to catch them.

  • My team decorates clothes pins with their team number and performance time and location. They clip them onto the shirts of kids when they are not looking. This way the person finds it and we receive advertising to have people come watch out performance.


  • Lots of activities to attend other than performances. Check the daily newspaper for activities going on that day. You can even check out the website now to see what's going to be there. You have to sign up for couple of the activities May 8th available.

  • There are several classes/ work shops available at Globals with an addition cost of $35 per team member. Talk to teams now if you are interested. Spots fill up very quickly. Check out http://www.globalfinals.org/skills-workshops/ for more information.

Keeping Your Sanity

Let parents watch the kids sometimes, you will need a break! Kids can go to the pool, pin trade, etc. while you take some time. One great escape is the TM only room at the convention center. You'll get a ticket with your badge once you arrive at the hotel. Be sure to visit it each day.


  • They are located in the following areas on campus:

    • UT Library

    • UT student center

    • Downtown Hilton

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to Greg Fullhart for writing up all the information for surviving Globals! :)