8-bit news

Chase J.

Ice rink

On January 28th the 8th grade students went to the ice rink in . The students needed endurance and agility to be able to skate. For those who couldn't skate,they were able to play broom ball with there shoes. Chase Jacobson quoted that "The ice rink was a new and interesting experience and I will definitely do it again."

Even though Chase said this was a wonderful experience, some students would disagree. Some would even say "This was the worst and my ankle is swollen." Even with these mixed opinions almost everyone had fun. Some would even say this was an extravagant experience.

Majoras mask

Today on April 3rd Chase Jacobson was able to beat the second level of his video game. The game titled Majora's Mask features difficult puzzle solving with a very involving story. The story is that in 3 days a moon will crash into the land of Hyrule bringing its end and a hero named Link must save Hyrule at all costs. The puzzle that he completed was in the form of a dungeon he had to find a way to unfreeze this ice containing a monster. When he slays the monster he would get a mask and be able to help stop the moon from crashing. The dungeon's ice was melted when Chase found an item called the fire arrows. After this he would leave Snowhead Mountain. After defeating the beast he went and saved his long lost horse named Epona. He lost Epona back in Kokorico forest to the evil man of Skull kid who summoned the moon.

Balloon battle

On February 20th the aquarius house hosted an event where aquarius students are coraled and are forced to pop others balloons. The match was intense with people running around as if they were in the hunger games. The intense match took place in Bay view middle school on 1217 Cardinal lane. The match was between the strides of the aquarius house Bahrke, Christie, Swinford, Wood, Patchak, Prien and Berant. The teams were then to go and neutralize the other teams balloons. The match was intense until it was down to 3 people Chase, Brayden and Colten. It was a hard fought match but the match was cut short by the bell. Now we will never know the true balloon champion.