Egyptian Times

3/19/2659 B.C.

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We Made This City

Thank you for reading Egyptian Times that covers all over our beautiful Egypt. Now that Lower and Upper Egypt have united in to one, we have more sales, more news, and more government actions.

A Minute to Remember

We ask all the citizens in Egypt to take one minute to remember the selfless acts Narmer did for us. he risked his life to unite Egypt. He freed us from the blood thirsty wars that kept Egypt from finding its true purpose. All we ask is to take one minute and remember.
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The Pyramid Being Built

Now that the Old Kingdom has started, We have a new Pharaoh. His name is Khufu III. He has ordered that a pyramid in his honor is to be built. When he dies and has been mummified, he wants to be buried in the pyramid.
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Re, The Sun God

Khufu III is getting reports of people not worshiping the sun god Re. In the last year, worshiping was gone down 60%, so Khufu III is ordering soldiers to punish the ones who neglect Re. Better get to it.
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The government wants to inform every one that male boys at age of 4 should attend school to learn literature. This will help them in there adult life. If you are wealthy, you should get a private tutor.

659th Anniversary of when Egypt United

Friday, April 8th 2659 at 10:30am-11:45pm

every where in Egypt

There will be a parade in every city with decorations, and for the first time in 405 years; we are displaying Narmer's Tablet in Giza. Anyone who is everyone is going to be there!!!

The Gold Shop

Due to the resent expansion of gold mines, we are getting a lot of gold at our shops and if you want the most hippest jewelry or furniture made of gold, then come down to The Gold Shop.

Buy Our Cow

We are looking for some one to buy our cow, Sally. This bad boy survived a dreadful attack back when Egypt was divided. She can sure move those legs and is cooperative.

if you are interested to get our beautiful cow call 672-463-0089, or click the link below.

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We Need Farmers

Because a lot of farmers are dying from the Pyramid project, There are a lot fields that need a farmer. If you are interested in buying one of these farms, then contact us. Space is limited, so call now.

O.P.B.I. (Official Pyramid Building Inc.)

Farmers aren't the only ones who can build pyramids, you can too. I know what your thinking, "Why should I risk my life to build a pyramid?" the answer simple; We pay you. If you are running low on money, just work for the O.P.B.I for a certain amount of time you'll get a certain amount of money. Even if you die, you can list some names and the money goes to them.
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What do you think?

We have recently asked a couple of commoners, what they think about the many lives lost for building the third pyramid. Now here are the answers.

"I think that this is so idiotic! killing all those innocent people for what? Build a Pyramid that is for the pharaoh. The pharaoh means nothing to me! He is a selfish Bully who who only thinks of himself! As far as I'm concerned, I think that this project and any other pyramid projects should be shut down!"

"I totally think it is worth it. I sinned up with O.P.B.I for a 30 year plan. I also signed up my family. I refuse to get my monthly payment; Knowing that I am helping my pharaoh is an enough payment for me. He is a visionary. I honestly don't mind the lives lost. If I lose mine, I will still be happy."

If you want to see more reviews on the pyramid go to

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