The Gossip File

Created by: Christina

Anna Staniszewski

Anna Staniszewski lives outside of Boston with her dog and husband. She was a Writer-in-Residence at the Boston Public Library and a winner of the Pen New England Discovery Award. When she's not writing, Anna teaches, reads, and avoids cleaning her house.

Conflict: Rachel and her father aren't getting along and Ellie keeps getting in the way.


A couple of months after Rachel's dad moves to Florida, Rachel comes to visit him and go on the vacation she's been dreaming about since she was 6. When she gets there she finds out a few shocking things. On top of that her dads new girlfriend, Ellie, asks her to work in a cafe. There, she adopts a new identity to impress the cool older girls. Once she starts working there the girls ask "Ava" to write some gossip about the resort. Rachel is not sure what to do, especially when one of the entries is about Ellie.

"I want to be the kind of person who gives her friends a second chance, even if they don't deserve it, and who works to make things better with the people she cares about, even if its hard

Scene from the book

In the picture it shows Rachel in the cafe breaking some rules by baking the pastries from scratch. You're not suppose to make the pastries from scratch but when she gets stressed out she can't help but bake some real desserts.

Genre: fiction

Protagonist: Rachel Antagonist:Ellie