The College Application Process

Information, Steps, Resources and Tips for current Seniors

SCHS School Code: 233-201


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Individual Senior Meetings With Counselor

Seniors, you each have an individual meeting with your counselor to discuss all things college applications and post secondary planning. Your appointment is listed at the top of your note sheet. You will receive a pass the day of your appointment, but we encourage you to also add it to your phone calendar. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please stop by counseling to reschedule.

College Application Support Q&A Sessions

Have specific questions about your college applications or need help with the process!!?? We'd we happy to help you. Please stop into the front of the Media Center during lunch on any of the days listed below. Bring your questions and your device.


  • Thursday 9/2
  • Tuesday 9/7
  • Thursday 9/9

Topics Covered

1. Steps in the College Application Process

Includes tips for writing your essay and handling letters of recommendation

2. Standardized Testing Information

3. Scholarships and Financial Aid

4. NCAA Eligibility Information and Resources

5. Admission Terms and Policies

6. Additionally Resources and Opportunities

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1. Applying to College

4 Steps to Applying to College Online

Step 1: Locate and Complete College Applications ONLINE. Note any deadlines or early action dates. It is a suggested goal to complete college applications by October 31st. Make sure to SUBMIT the application once you have completed all parts and double check for accuracy. Once the college receives any information from you, they will create a file for your materials. Colleges wait to receive all of the application requirements before they will read your application. It is the students' responsibility to make sure that all required materials are received.

Step 2: Request a transcript be sent to your college(s). You make the request online at For common application colleges request the transcript to common application. When you create your parchment account make sure you indicate the correct graduation year -2022. If you use a previous graduation year it will consider you graduated and then requests are not free.

Step 3: If an SAT or ACT score is a required part of your college application or if it's optional and you are planning to use it as a part of your admission process you need to request your score be sent from the testing agency to the college. This can take several weeks to process so the recommendation is to do this ASAP. or Please visit your college's website to check testing policies. Many colleges have moved to "test optional" for the application process and be sure to read the entire policy.

Step 4: Track your applications, transcript and tests scores to make sure they were received by the college.


More Parchment (sending your transcript) details

1. Create an account. Go to First time users need to "SIGN UP". Creating an account takes less than 5 minutes. It does require an electronic signature from your parent. Please create the account at home when a parent is available.

2. Once you have an account log into

3. You will need to add Stoney Creek High School as the school that has your transcript.

4. Select a Destination to send your transcript - Click on the "Academic Institution" button.

5. Type in the name of your university you want your transcript to be sent to in the box.

6. Confirm correct destination.

7. Select “Send Now" button and save, continue to submit.

Contact Mrs. Paulus the registrar ( if you are having any trouble.
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Details for Common Application Users

Common Application Member Colleges

Approximately 900 member colleges

Additional Information for Common Application Users

Common Application Users should apply online at

Letters of Recommendation for Common Application

You will be asked to provide approximately 1-2 teacher email addresses for an online teacher evaluation and recommendation.

In addition, you will need to provide your counselor's email address for an online Secondary School Report and for colleges that require a counselor recommendation. Please provide them with a "Senior Profile for Letter of Recommendation".

Don’t wait until the last step to invite your teachers and counselor. They can get started on their portion while you are working on yours.

If you do not assign your counselor before you submit your transcript through Parchment to the Common Application, you will get an error message from Common App.

Sending a Transcript to a Common Application School

1. Log into

2. Select "Send a Transcript" (you will find this at the top right hand side of the page)

3. Select a "Destination"- Click on the "Academic Institution" button

4. Type in "Common Application" in the box, you need to request your transcript be sent to CA for your CA colleges. IF you have requested your transcript be sent to the school directly, you need to cancel this request and re-request to CA.

5. You will then be requested to enter your Common Application ID. (To find this, log into your common application account at After you log into Common App you will see your name at the top right side of the page. Under your name is your CAID -Common App ID)

6. Return to and type in your CAID.

7. Confirm that the information is correct and submit.

Questions on Common Application:

  • Number of Students in Class: 385
  • We do NOT rank
  • AP Grades are Weighted
  • Graduation Date: June , 2022
  • School Code: 233-201

Counselor Info

Ms. Nichole Allen;; 248-726-5732

Ms. Kim Holzknecht;; 248-726-5733

Mrs. Linda Veeser;; 248-726-5729

Mrs. Jennifer Wilson;; 248-726-5730

Mr. Marius Achim;; 248-726-5731

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How to Guide to the Common Application (2019-2020) | Tutorial

Letter of Recommendation Guidelines

  • First determine whether you need one- does your college require one? Most colleges in Michigan do not require a letter of recommendation. University of Michigan is an example of a college in Michigan where it is required.
  • Select adults who know you. Most of the time colleges will suggest core teachers. University of Michigan definitely does.
  • Ask, “Do you feel you know me enough and do you have enough time to write a supportive letter of recommendation?”.
  • Provide them a completed "Student Profile Sheet" and a resume. See below.
  • Give recommenders a couple of weeks to write for you. PLAN well so they have the time necessary to write a well-written document.
  • Once you invite your letter writer on the common application please follow up to make sure they received the invite. Their account is attached to a specific email so you need to check what email they use for common application.

Please note: recommenders on the Common Application have until your application deadline to write your letter and complete the process online from their end. You can see in your Common Application the status of your request (submitted, not started...) Be patient with your recommenders as many times they have quite a few to complete.

  • Give them a stamped envelope addressed to the college if it is NOT a Common Application school and there is no online process.
  • Thank them and write them a thank you note for taking time to write a supportive letter.

*Remember to check each school's college application requirements. Most schools in MI (especially those not on the Common Application), do NOT require a letter of recommendation.

*If you had an extenuating circumstance during high school please see your counselor.

Student Profile for Letters of Recommendation & Common Application

Click on bar below to download a copy of the Student Profile Form

Additional College Application Tips

1. Record your logins/passwords for each online application in one place.

2. Double/triple check the information you supplied before submitting your online application.

3. Create professional sounding email addresses for your college applications. Clean up social media if necessary-- Admission reps may 'Google' you.

4. Get GREAT grades, so you will not be in any danger of graduation AND so your college admission is not withdrawn!!!!!

2. Standardized Testing and Sending Scores

SAT/ACT Testing and Scores

If you'd like to take a SAT or ACT you can to register and take either one of these standardized tests by visiting the SAT or ACT website.

SAT -;

ACT -;

You can send your test scores to the colleges to which you are applying. Please read the policy for each college as many have adopted "test optional or test flexible" admissions. This can mean different things at different colleges. Please be aware that scholarships may fall under test optional and test optional can also be provisional (as sometimes it depends upon your high school GPA). It is your responsibility to know each school's policy.*

We do NOT send ACT/SAT scores with your transcript. If you are planning to send your scores to college our school code is: SCHS Code: 233-201

Also you will want to make sure your score(s) get to your colleges in time for applications deadlines if it's required. If the college does not have a test score your application may be incomplete.

*Here are a few links that connect to the university's admission and testing criteria.

3. SCHOLARSHIP & Financial Aid Information

Scholarship Tips

1. Explore College/University Scholarships

  • Most colleges have a scholarship webpage, so check it out
  • Contact the financial aid office at the college
  • Join the college mailing list
  • Talk to the admission advisor

2. Check out at least one or two FREE scholarship search engines. (never pay to search for scholarships)

3. Check out the Scholarship link on Stoney Creek’s Counseling webpage:

4. Financial Aid/FAFSA

  • Remind your parents they can begin to fill out the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)" after October 1, 2020
  • Financial Aid Presentation : September 23rd @ 6:00 pm

Virtual Financial Aid Night for Senior Parents of Rochester Community Schools

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 6pm

This is an online event.

Greg from the Oakland University financial aid office will be with us to present on FAFSA and the financial aid process for senior students.

Students or parents will need to sign up for the presentation with the link below and then the Zoom link will be sent to your email address.

Virtual Senior Financial Aid Night Rochester Community Schools District High Schools-AHS, RHS, SCHS

Register in advance for this presentation!
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Presentation Outline:

FSAID & FAFSA worksheet:

Federal Student aid Types:
State of Michigan Aid Types:,4636,7-372-86868---,00.html

4. NCAA Eligibility for D1 or D2 College Sport

If you plan to participate in Division I or II sports in college you must register on the NCAA eligibility center website.

Also it is very important make sure that your courses meet academic eligibility requirements; (For example, Intro to films is NOT an approved English course and students should be taking another approved English course such as Myths, Strange/Mysterious, Poetry, and Exploring Lit). NCAA has very strict eligibility rules and expectations.

Please register if you have not already done so.

5. Admission Terms and Policies

Regular admissions: apply by November and you are usually notified in April

Rolling admissions: colleges review applications in “batches” and make their decision in about 4-6 weeks. Apply ASAP! (September/Early October)

Early action/notification: apply by the University's early deadline and get an admissions decision in advance; this is not legally binding.

Early decision: apply early and get an admissions decision in advance- this is legally binding if you are accepted and you must go to that school.

On-site admissions

Open admissions: examples are Oakland Community College and Macomb Community College

6. College Exploration, Research and Gathering Information

College Night Fair at Adams High

Wednesday, Oct. 6th, 6-7:30pm

3200 West Tienken Road

Rochester Hills, MI

Click below to view and sign up for the RCS College Rep Visit schedule.

College Representative Admission Visits at SCHS

Check back for more updated visits through September and into early November.

Extra Details

Please Check Applications Deadlines!

Some colleges will have one deadline for their applications and other colleges may have a couple types of deadlines: for early action or early decision and a regular deadline. Please be aware and make sure you plan for the deadline you are selecting. All parts to the college application need to be submitted prior to the deadline; this includes the application, transcripts, test scores(if required) and letter of recommendation/school report (if included).

A college may request 7th Semester Grades and/or Midyear Reports

If you receive a request for 7th semester grades or midyear report from your college you must submit a request at See your counselor or Mrs. Paulus, the counseling registrar, if you have any questions.

Important details if your senior schedule changes after you apply

Your senior schedule is included on the transcript. If you must make a change in your schedule once you have sent your initial transcripts to the colleges , you MUST contact each college admission office to update them with your change.

Making Your Senior Year Count

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What Happens After You Apply

The College Application Process: you applied... what’s next?

Colleges Responses to College Applications:

1. Accept: You will receive info on housing, orientation, and financial aid.

2. Defer: They will ask the student to provide more information. 1st semester grades, updated test scores, etc.

3. Wait list: Students just have to wait. They are still considering your application, but must hear from the admitted students first before they may offer you admissions. Ask if funds will be available if you're accepted.

4. Deny: Cannot offer you admissions. (You could check on Jan-term admissions or a summer start.)

CLASS of 2022 Website

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