iPhone Photography

Connected in iDAHO - June 4, 2015

All about the Camera

Swipe Up For Quick Access

The fastest and most convenient way to access the camera is from the lock screen. Just swipe up from the camera at the bottom right-hand of your screen to start shooting in less than a second!

If you aren't in the lock screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, which will open the control center. From here all you need to do is tap the camera icon and you're ready to shoot!

Turn on the Grid

The grid divides the screen into three equal parts. This is one of the most useful tools on the iPhone. It's great for applying the rule of thirds!

You can turn on the grid by going to settings, scroll down to Photos & Camera, and make sure the grid slider is turned on.

Shoot in Burst Mode

To activate burst mode simply hold down the shutter button for half a second or longer, and the iPhone will start taking photos one after another. If you have the iPhone 5s or newer, you can get as many as 10 photos per second.

The burst mode is useful whenever there's any movement or unpredictability inside the scene such as kids playing, birds flying and or humans walking!

Set Focus & Exposure

You can set the focus and exposure by tapping anywhere on the screen. If you don't set focus and exposure, the iPhone will do it for you. Sometimes though it fails to focus, therefore, I almost ALWAYS set it myself!

Sometimes, when you set focus and exposure by tapping on the screen, the exposure doesn't look quite right- the image may appear under-exposed (too dark) or over-exposed (too bright). In these cases you can manually adjust exposure before taking the photo.

After you've tapped on the screen to set focus and exposure, simply swipe up or down to alter the exposure manually. You'll see the exposure slider with a sun icon appear. Swipe up to make the image brighter or down to make the image darker.

Lock Focus & Exposure

Simply tap the screen where you want to set focus and exposure, but instead of releasing your finger hold it down for a couple of seconds. A larger square will appear where your finger is along with a yellow AE/AF LOCK sign.

You would want to lock focus and exposure whenever there might be a significant change inside the frame such as a person walking through the scene.

Take HDR Photos

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. All HDR does is combines three different exposures of the same photo to create one better-exposed image. HDR though doesn't always take the best photos. The top of the screen will give you options.

Generally, HDR is great for landscaping photos when the sky takes up a large part of the image.

Take Photo with Volume Buttons

You can use the volume buttons on your iPhone to take photos. This allows you to hold the phone with two hands exactly like you would hold another digital camera.

Use Self-Timer

The self-timer will become your best friend! You can always take a picture with everyone by setting your phone on a ledge and running for it!

Cropping Photos

Always take a picture first, and then crop after! Remember each way you crop your picture will tell a different story.

You can use the crop tool on many apps or just the camera app on the iPhone!

Editing Apps