I Beat the Odds

by Michael Oher

The begining

Michael Oher was born in the slums of Memphis. His mother was on drugs and his father was no where to be found, this was a big problem. In 4th grade, Michael knew he was destined for greatness in sports. This was his solution to his difficult start but the real problem was his grades were very low which made him ineligible for sports teams. After many years of being moved throughout foster homes, Michael finally found the right family. The Tuhoys supported him all throughout high school and into college. He went to Ole Miss where he was soon drafted into the NFL by the Baltimore Ravens. During that year he came in second for offensive rookie of the year losing to Percy Harvin. In this story Michael Oher proves that even if you start of with bad odds you can still beat them.
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Here is a photo of Michael on draft day.

A change in events

Michael Oher's life has changed dramatically since he was drafted into the NFL. His lavish lifestyle is a complete contrast of what his old life was like. Michael Oher can now buy anything he likes due to the large paycheck he receives. Michael still chooses to save his money and make good choices just like in his old life.He lives a simple life but his soft spot for cars his one exception. He knows he would never want to return to a life of poverty.


Lavish-sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious.

Slums-a squalid and overcrowded urban street or district inhabited by very poor people.